17 OCTOBER 2010

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Campaign, Multiplayer
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Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.



FINAL UPDATE: It appears that the Challenge is indeed glitched, but not in the way we anticipated. The Challenge is, apparently, working correctly; it’s the description that’s defective.

The official word from Bungie is that the Challenge requires you to score Assists before your first death; after that, the counter shuts down and doesn’t restart until your next match, when you can once again begin earning Assists. (Until your new first death, and so on.)

Yes, I know. Retarded. But there it is.

–Ender Xer0


Note: It appears that the Pass The Rock Challenge today is near-impossibly glitched: Rather than requiring you to score 20 Multiplayer Assists today — as it’s described in the official Challenge — it seems it instead demands that you rack up all the Assists without dying, and most probably in a single game. Obviously, unless you go in with a party of eight and all boost for the Challenge, that’s not going to happen.

Most likely Bungie confused the settings with the Mostly At Night Challenge, which does require zero deaths for it to register. (Then again, the other Multiplayer Assist Challenges have had the name “A Great Friend”, so who knows. “Pass The Rock” means to trade a single controller back and forth between players competing in a turn-based game, which doesn’t sound like anything to do with Assists; so maybe it’s the description for a co-op style Challenge that’s glitched, and not the Challenge itself.)

EPIC FAIL, dudes.

Here at Halo Reach Daily we’re not ones to complain easily, but we can’t help but feel like this is an entire loadout of Epic Fail. Today’s the last day of the Weekly Challenge, which specifically requires you to complete all the Daily Challenges in one day. Yesterday’s Challenges were a pack of beasts, so players who’d set aside the weekend to tackle it and opted instead for the breeze of a Challenge set today now find themselves totally screwed.

It also couldn’t occur at a more embarrassing time for Bungie, which just announced it would use Daily and Weekly Challenge completions to trigger the end of the player level limit — so players worldwide have been signing on for the Challenges this weekend.

We’ll check back several times today to see if Bungie has fixed it, and post a quick update here if and when they do. It’s a Sunday, however, meaning that both the Daily Challenge players and the ones going for the Weekly Challenge may be out of luck.

So, as an open message to Bungie: Get your shit together. It can’t be that hard to proof the settings on the Challenges once a day, or even just playtest each one for a couple of minutes ahead of time. This is the second time in just a few weeks that it’s happened — not counting the Betrayal Booting accidentally left in the annual Ranked Grifball this weekend over in Halo 3, for a second year in a row — and That Ain’t Good.

Otherwise, it’s a much shorter update today, thanks to some remarkably simple and straightforward Challenges after yesterday’s major hassles.




Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 750

Kill 77 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Bungie’s fixation with the number 7 continues. Simply play enough matches and you’ll hit the mark; how long this takes simply depends on which playlists you prefer and how good you are at them.

  • Your best bet is to take up residence in Rumble Pit, since the kills come fast and furious and you don’t have to worry about your K/D — both the game score and the Daily Challenge only counts your kills, not your deaths, so trading one-for-one with double-melees will simply rack up points for you while scattering your own deaths (more or less) among the other players.
  • In addition, most Rumble Pit Objective games (King Of The Hill, Oddball, etc.) may actually increase your kill-count, since they concentrate combat into single zones, which makes it easier to spam grenades, death-blossom an area with your Assault Rifle or use your DMR to poach kills from a firefight between other players.
  • Skip Rumble Pit games like Juggernaut and (especially) Infection, since they’re low-kill-count options that — particularly Juggernaut — can leave you with no kills at all by the end of the match.
  • If you do get stuck playing one Infection game after another — and Jeezus Tapdancing Christ, what is it with that gametype? Go play Left For Dead, you little brats — just head over to a Team Slayer or SWAT game instead. Avoid the Objective playlists, since these usually take longer to complete and generate fewer kills.



Type: Assists
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 1000

Earn 20 assists today in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

FINAL UPDATE: See the FINAL UPDATE at the top of today’s post for a full workaround of the glitch, and how to get the Challenge points to register.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: As noted, this Challenge remains currently glitched; we’ll post another Update if Bungie can work a fix, and you can follow the strategies below if they do.

Working toward Assists can always be a hassle, since your natural instincts and gaming skills focus on putting down your enemies, not passing the kill off to another player. Nobody makes the highlight reel by almost scoring 20 times.

Despite that, Bungie intends to pay you today to help out other players who haven’t really earned it. Click on the Assist-O-Rama standing link at the top of the page for our in-depth guide to Not Closing The Deal.


Zero Deaths



Type: Completion / Survival
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Hard (standard) / Easy (Midnight Run)
Reward: 4000

Complete Nightfall on Legendary without dying.

So, I’m wondering if a pattern is now starting to emerge: Usually, the Daily Challenges seem entirely random, at least when it comes to setting (Multiplayer, Firefight, etc.) and the amount of time and effort each one takes. But now we’ve got two Legendary campaign levels in a row; I wonder if it has something to do with the new Campaign Matchmaking playlist that Bungie unveiled this week? (And, of course, we’re all waiting for the “Complete Lone Wolf without dying” Challenge…)

Anyway, this one’s the big ticket item of the day, and if you struggled with ONI Sword Base yesterday — or even if you didn’t — today is the winning lottery number for Campaign levels. Never done the Midnight Run on Nightfall? Oh, you’re gonna love this.

After assassinating the initial Elite at the opening of the mission, you’ll Sprint your way through almost the entire level, meleeing an occasional Grunt or Jackal as you go, with only a small amount of gunfire combat when you reach the bridge to Powerhouse.

There’s an absolute GEEEnius maneuver you’ll pull off with the forklift (yes, the forklift!), and you won’t even encounter the Hunters at all. The easiest 4,000 cR you’re going to get all week.

Here’s a video of the route, completed on Legendary; the guy in it wraps up the level in five minutes, but even if Forky doesn’t immediately cooperate, you should still finish it in under ten.

One note: Though it seems like an obvious choice to tackle the Textbook001 Challenge (see below) at the same time, since they’re both on Nightfall, I’d recommend against it: It’s so simple and easy to do the other Challenge that there’s no reason to complicate this one, which requires Legendary difficulty and is best handled with as little gunplay as possible. Plus, you’re going to wrap them both up in about 10 minutes each anyway.


Special Weapon



Type: Special Weapon / Killstyle
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 700

Kill 25 enemies with Sniper Rifle headshots in Nightfall on Normal.

Not much to say here, since even your kid brother knows how to headshot with a Sniper Rifle. Nightfall is a particularly easy level to complete this as well, since you start with a Sniper, it’s dark and you’re on a hill overlooking unsuspecting Covies — the only thing Bungie could do to make it easier on you would be if the Elites actually threw their foreheads at your bullets.

Just flip on your Night Vision, take aim, and fire away. You can even skip the assassination at the beginning of the Elite taking a leak on the Grunts below, and just headshot him from behind. (OK, so, maybe he’s not actually taking a leak; but then what the hell is he doing there?)

When you’re done with the first Elite and two Grunts, move forward to the cliff overlooking the makeshift Covenant base. Start picking them off until you run out of rounds or run out of enemies; then you can simply restart the level and do it again, until the Challenge Complete banner flashes onscreen.

Easy, right? Well, at least it’s a chance to use Sniper ammo on some Grunts without feeling retarded about it.




Type: General
Setting: Reach
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 2000

Complete all of the Daily Challenges for a given day.

FINAL UPDATE: See the FINAL UPDATE at the top of today’s post for a full workaround of the glitch for Pass The Rock, and how to get the Challenge to register — and thus complete this Weekly Challenge as well.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: As noted, the Pass The Rock Challenge today remains currently glitched, which means that this one is as well; we’ll post another Update if Bungie can work a fix, and you can follow the strategies below if they do.

Really, seriously, Bungie? OK, well, thanks for the cRedits. Just follow the tactics and strategies listed above and the 2K bonus is yours. Today is the last day, and the Daily Challenges are unusually easy, so get to it.


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