30 OCTOBER 2010

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Any Game Mode, Firefight, Multiplayer
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Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.


No real commentary today, but I just wanted to make sure people had the chance to read some Challenge-specific news from Bungie’s Weekly Update yesterday about the Spart-O-Meter (which you can find at left) and the Global Challenge to eliminate the rank and armor limits:

Currently, we’re averaging 1.4 million Challenges done and dusted per day, with the most significant variance coming by way of degree of difficulty, and of course, daily player population.

While early edumacted guesses saw us trending toward a very early November lifting of the rank cap, our most recent data plots our arrival a little further out than we’d hoped. To help speed you along, we’ll be deploying a fairly easy Daily Challenge on Monday morning. Link your gamertag with a Bungie.net profile and play one measly matchmaking game and you’ll snag what’s likely to be the easiest Challenge of your career.

If you’re not already linked up, simply click on the “Sign Up” link in the upper right hand corner of Bungie.net with your Xbox LIVE gamertag and Windows LIVE ID password in hand. Once you’ve created your account, fire up Halo: Reach and a single matchmade game.

If you’re already set up, all you have to do is play. It’s almost as if we planned on giving you a quick and easy way to make up ground!

It’s literally in your hands at this point. I expect each and every one of you to knock out your fair share of Challenges this weekend. Just remember, not only will boosted Challenges NOT count toward the overall tally, they’ll likely earn you a Credit reset and some face time in the no Credit corner.

And there you go.


Any Game Mode


Type: Kills
Setting: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1500

Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

Fact is, though we love blowing Grunts to kingdom gone in a Custom Firefight, you’ll easily break the 150 mark anyway as part of completing your other Daily Challenges — particularly A Satisfied Thirst, where you’ll attend a birthday party with 250 confetti-throwing Grunts.




Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 500

Kill 50 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Another dead-easy Challenge that you’ll score simply by playing enough. Head into Rumble Pit or Multiteam and vote for an Objective game on a tight, smaller map: The kills will come fast and loose, along with your 500 bonus cRedits. You’ll also be make progress toward your 1,000-kill Weekly Challenge at the same time.



Special Enemy


Type: Kills
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 2000

Kill 250 Grunts in Firefight Matchmaking.

A simple Challenge with a big reward that you can pocket just by playing enough, though you can save time using the right game mode. Gruntpocalypse in Score Attack represents your best bet: you can dispatch enemies quickly, and nobody can score them out from under you.

Corevette, atop one of the platforms, and Overlook, on the lower of the two sheds near the silo, both provide wide lines of sight for sending Grunts to their birthday party. The big guns on Outpost and the far-side terrace on Courtyard also offer excellent defensive positions; a larger open map like Waterfront will work too, but it’ll take longer. Use Drop Shield liberally to keep the party going, and for added fun, pretend that all the Grunts are named Justin Bieber.

Each Round of Bieb– ah, Grunts— features about 115-120 of the little tykes who waddle toward their Great Journey, so you’re going to need to play three matches to notch your 250. But, since that means you only need to register about 82 kills per game, you can actually relax and take your time to enjoy the confetti.




Type: Wins
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 800

Win 4 games in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Not much to say here; play enough games and you’ll rack up four wins.

Tip Of The Day

However, TAKE NOTE: Despite what it may say on your Reach game stats page over at Bungie.net, simply finishing in the top half of a Rumble Pit game will NOT register as a win for your Challenge progress here — you’ll need to place First, or not at all. ALSO NOTE: Avoid any Team Objective gametype that frequently ends in a tie — Capture The Flag and Assault, for example — since although your game score counts it as a win for both sides, the Daily Challenge does NOT.

(Retarded? Sure. But remember, three days ago Bungie awarded you only 750 cRedits for winning five matches, and today they’re awarding 800 for winning only four. So we’re not dealing with nuclear physicists here.)

Both of these glitches, then, mean that Team Slayer games become your best option:

  • Avoid Big Team Battle and Invasion; though generally worth more cRedits, they also take longer, and you’re targeting wins here, not just cR. Plus, you can spend twice as much time in a Big Team game and still have a 50% chance of finishing without any Challenge progress; two smaller-squad games will earn just as many credits in the same time, but double your chances at a win.
  • If you’re a weaker player, you can still play a support role to earn the Challenge. Stick by at least one of your comrades to help him team-shoot, watching his back and providing cover fire. Play defensively, helping allies with assists rather than charging in for a big kill; finishing with a low score but only a few deaths is far more important than letting the other team run up their number by stacking your corpses.
  1. Win 4 games in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

    Not much to say here; play enough games and you’ll rack up five wins.

    Typo lol. You don’t need 5 wins.

  2. Matt says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great site! I do indeed check it daily and it couldn’t be clearer or more helpful… keep up the good work!

  3. ODST Alpha says:

    Also, for Home Field Advantage, steer clear of Living Dead, period. It can and will screw you over, giving you zombie three times in a row. And even then, unless you know exactly where to stand, you will not get as many kills as the next guy who does.

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