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Hey all!

You may have noticed a new tile at left that’s taken the place of the Spart-O-Meter, which sprayed confetti from its top when a Spartan of questionable intentions ascended its shaft from 117 million global Challenges. (Yow!) I’d left the meter in place both to celebrate the accomplishment and allow people to more deeply contemplate its imagery (it’s still up at Bungie.net too). But, since we’re on the cusp of a new Weekly Challenge, I thought it was time to end the party and get back to business.

The folks over at the ManeXGaming Channel on YouTube provide some of the best advice I’ve come across in assisting with improving your Halo gameplay, complete with commentaries, Achievement strategies and the occasional review thrown in for good measure. I’ve wanted to expand the video clips here for a while, but the rapid cycle of Daily Challenges makes it difficult both for Challenge-specific segments and, well, just for making the time to do it. But, without a doubt, the MXG Channel is the next best thing.

It doesn’t provide clips of individual Challenges, but it actually does it one step better: It helps improve your overall gameplay, spotlighting complete matches from the gamer’s POV, rather than just video highlight clips of sniper multikills or freakish Plasma Grenade flights. Many of the commentaries discuss why something worked, why something didn’t and what could have been done better. It’s a valuable asset for anyone playing Halo, no matter what your skill level.

So, because like this one, it’s a newish site, I thought it’d be cool to give them some props and send some viewers their way, since theirs is exactly the kind of helpful effort that deserves recognition. Check it out as soon as you’ve got the chance — you’ll be glad you did. (And, as an example of how cool they are, when I told them what I intended to do, they put together a spiffy new video showcasing this very site, which was far above and beyond the general courtesy of tile- or link-trading. So, yeah: awesome guys all around.)

You can watch the video below — which since you’re already on this site, you probably don’t need to — but hey, indulge me; and, when you can, spread it around. It’ll not only give this site a tip ‘o the hat, but send folks over to the MXG Channel as well. Thanks!


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