11 NOVEMBER 2010

Posted: November 11, 2010 in Any Game Mode, Firefight

Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.



Screenshot of the Day today courtesy of V Translanka, who you’ll notice is one of the more active members in the Comments section of our site. Thanks, V!

Send your screenshots to haloreachdaily@live.com, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest.


Technically, this isn’t a GLITCH ALERT — but it ought to be.

Many people have noted the nearly Mythic-level difficult involved in today’s JUST HOLD ON… Challenge: Complete 20 Firefight Rounds without dying. Considering that a previous Weekly Challenge required completing 50 Firefight rounds total — which divides almost evenly into seven per day — completing 20 (even without the Zero Death restriction) would seem just a crazy amount to expect out of a Daily.

We suspect that, as mentioned below, we’ll see a pandemic of players quitting out, either after their first death or after the first Round, when tougher Skulls switch on, making it less likely they’d notch another Challenge point. (A new Firefight will reset them to an easier Round, meaning they might actually finish the Challenge faster than the players they stranded.)

So, apart from a difficultly that would seem designed to discourage even attempting it at all, the Challenge actually promotes bad behavior, rewarding players who exploit the quickest and easiest option at the expense of their fellow gamers. (Yes, yes, I know: what should I expect from the designers who brought us Armor Lock?)

And yet, even that is not the real problem with the Challenge. The problem lies in the fact that Bungie — otherwise quite generously — now awards larger Completion cRedits for higher-ranked players. (And actually, this doesn’t entirely make sense: what’s the point of requiring more cRedits to level up if you’re just going to hand out more per game? But, OK, it’s free cRedits, so no complaints.)

What this means, however, is that if you actually complete 20 Firefight Rounds, without dying — which awards even more cRedits — you actually run the risk of HITTING THE DAILY CREDIT LIMIT, especially since you’ll likely complete other Daily Challenges (worth several thousand more cRedits) as well.

As a consequence, you could conquer the excruciating tedium of the Challenge, grind it out for hours, and then… NOT RECEIVE ANY COMPLETION CREDITS AT ALL.

Here at HRD, we’re almost never comfortable with suggesting you not attempt a Challenge — we love the Challenges, we finish them ourselves every day, and the whole point of the site is to encourage others to do the same. But, with that frame of mind, we’re concerned that others will get shafted out of their cRedit bonus after sticking it out for the most grueling, frustrating Daily Challenge thus far.

Tip Of The Day

So, if you’re a Challenge completionist, steely-eyed of character or simply don’t want a retarded programmer in Bellvue, Washington screwing you out of your bonus points, here’s what we recommend:


Don’t risk earning cRedits elsewhere and maxing out your daily limit; take on the Challenges, earn your bonus cRedits, then head into Matchmaking if your thumbs can still handle it for some nice relaxing headshots. (Your opponents, that is, not you, though we can see how either would work.) That way, you only ever gamble on the cRedit reward from a single match, rather than surviving through 20 Rounds of Firefights only to be betrayed by Bungie’s cRedit cap.

Likewise, check your Commendation status ahead of time; if you’re approaching one that might award an unusual bonus and edge you close to the cap, just focus on other weapons or styles of Firefight gameplay. You’ll still make Commendation progress — and, probably, where you need it most — but you’ll reduce your chance of the cRedit limit blindsiding you.

OK, end of rant. Good luck with the Challenge, and on with the Update…

Ender Xer0


Did you actually complain that yesterday’s Challenges were too easy? Ah, be careful what you wish for, Challengeers…


Any Game Mode


Type: Kills
Setting: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 2500

Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

As usual, your easiest (and today, your only easy) Challenge of the day. Take this on last, since unless you’re the type to hang back and, uh, “guard the ammo crate” during Firefights, you’ll almost certainly blow right past it while wrapping up the other Daily Challenges today.

If you still have a handful of stragglers — which would be an accomplishment by itself, but we’re sure that ammo crate feels safe — basic Matchmaking is likely all you’ll need, though you can just as easily load up ONI Sword Base for some Target Locating or a Custom Game to Grunt your way through them. Check out the Owning On ONI or Grunt Game Settings standing links at the top of the page for instructions.




Type: Assists
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 1000

Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking.

Your first of three Firefight Challenges today, and one you can tackle at the same time as the others.

  • Though that makes the Challenge more worthwhile, however, it doesn’t make it any easier, since this is much, much harder than it sounds. The problem: most Firefight enemies — Grunts and Jackals — go down so easy that it’s difficult to coordinate an Assist without killing them outright. Even shattering a Jackal’s energy buckler with a plasma burst won’t register, since it’s not calculated as actual “damage” to the enemy.
  • Complicating matters is that there are so many of them — an Assist requires at least 40% damage to the target’s combined Shields and Health, and then for a teammate finish the kill within five seconds of your last strike. With Covies swarming the map, it’s unlikely an ally will be firing on the same one at the same time as you.
  • When tougher enemies do arrive fashionably late, they’re often too few or too resilient to rack up too many Assists. A Hunter, for example, often involves all teammates ripping into him at once, making it less likely any single player will strip off more than 40% before the beast goes down.
  • Brutes represent more solid candidates for Assist-farming: a steady DMR stream will remove their helmets, setting them up for a teammate’s coup-de-grace. The problem isn’t so much that the Brutes don’t know how to put their helmets back on; it’s that most don’t carry regenerative Shields, so you won’t know how much damage one’s taken already. Plus higher-ranking Brutes require more setup, so it’s difficult to gauge when you’ve crossed the 40% mark.
  • With all that in mind, your best bet remains to target Elites, crashing their Shields with an overcharged Plasma Pistol for a teammate to close the deal. Elites — while otherwise remarkably crafty — for some reason stop and howl like a drag queen who’s lost his wig when their Shields go down, giving an ally an easy headshot.
  • The problem will ease up once the Mythic Skull turns on, since that doubles enemy health, including for even the lowliest DMR fodder; but — since they don’t have regenerating shields — it’ll still be difficult to gauge when you’ve peeled a Grunt or Jackal by 40%. So, better to keep steady with what’s worked for you, rather than try to shift strategies in the middle of the match.
  • You can also steal cheap Assists throughout the match by targeting a Phantom’s main gun: taking it out registers as a kill, so damaging it — a single sniper shot, or several with the DMR — will generate an Assist; you can even take care of it as the Dropship approaches, before it empties its troops, so you won’t have a Wave of Covies firing on you. With three Rounds of play now in Firefight, that’s 30 Dropships; more than enough to notch the Challenge.
  • And, by all means, go in with a friend if possible; coordinating with a partner on microphone will cut down on both your Challenge times, taking turns flashing an Elite’s shields while the other readies a headshot. It’ll be the one time when the Firefight playlist actually becomes cooperative.


    Zero Deaths

    Type: Completion
    Setting: Firefight
    Difficulty: Hard
    Reward: 800

    Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying.

    As noted above, you’ll be able to go after this Challenge at the same time as the other Firefight objectives, and in particular Just Hold On…, which you’ll automatically make progress toward as part of clearing this one. Check out our Finish The Firefight standing link at the top of this page for an in-depth guide to Zero Deaths.

    If you do get tagged by a stray Plasma Grenade or Fuel Rod Grunt, don’t panic — the Just Hold On… Challenge requires you to log 20 no-death Rounds, so you’ll have more than enough chance to score a perfect game.

    JUST HOLD ON . . .


    Zero Deaths

    Type: Completion
    Setting: Firefight
    Difficulty: Hard / Grind
    Reward: 3000

    Complete 20 Rounds in Firefight Matchmaking without dying.

    (See the Endertorial above for comments and advice on handling your Reach gameplay today while working on this Challenge.)

    So, a Challenge sure to become notorious among Halo gamers. You’ll be able to take it on at the same time as One Game, One Spawn, but in truth we’re not sure you want to tackle it at all; though it offers a cRedit bonus at the high end of the Daily Challenge meter, 20 Rounds of Firefight — zero deaths or not — can be a huge and frustrating time commitment. Don’t start this unless you intend to finish it, since notching 17 or 18 perfect Rounds, only to run out of time or patience, will make you want to trade in your Flaming Recon for Black Ops.

    • Each Firefight Round will vary in length, depending on the map and gametype, though you’re likely looking at a minimum of three hours of gameplay, and almost certainly more. Standard Firefights run through Rounds faster, particularly before the tougher Skulls activate, but you might want to break up the pace with a Gruntpocalypse or two in Score Attack.
    • Not only does it give you a better chance of notching the One Game, One Spawn Challenge — one Round, instead of Three — but with Challenges like this, you’ll invariably run into players who quit out after their first death, or (even worse) spend the game “guarding the ammo case”. Either one takes you down a player, making life that much more difficult.
    • As with One Game, One Spawn, check out our Finish The Firefight page for an in-depth guide to Zero Deaths; and note that, unlike that Challenge, your Zero Death Rounds don’t need to be consecutive, or even in the same Firefight.





    Special Weapon

    Type: Special Weapon / Killstyle
    Setting: Campaign
    Difficulty: Grind
    Reward: 3000

    Kill 70 enemies with Sniper Rifle Headshots in Nightfall on Heroic.

    Another so-simple-you-could-do-it-on-Kinect Challenge. Nightfall‘s a particularly easy level for this: it’s dark, you start with a Sniper, and you’re on a hill overlooking unsuspecting Covies — the only way Bungie could make it easier is if the Elites actively lunged into your bullets with their foreheads.

    Just flip on Night Vision, take aim, and fire away. You can even skip the opening assassination of the Elite taking a leak on the Grunts below, and just headshot him from behind. (OK, so, maybe he’s not actually taking a leak; but then, what the hell is he doing there?)

    When you’re done with the first Elite and two Grunts, advance to the cliff overlooking the makeshift Covenant base. Start picking off Covies until you run out of ammo or run out of enemies; then you can simply restart the level and repeat, until the Challenge Complete banner flashes onscreen.

    Easy, yeah? Well, at least it’s a chance to use Sniper rounds on some Grunts without feeling retarded about it.

    TAKE NOTE, however: Though you can die as many times as you like, restart the mission or simply revert to Checkpoint, you CAN’T Save and Quit and then return at a later time; your Challenge counter will reset, and you’ll have to start over again. That means you’ll have to set aside a couple of extra minutes to register all 70 in one go.

    1. Thom says:

      I didn’t know Halo 3 screenshots were going to be featured as well.

      • Ender Xer0 says:

        Yep; ANY Halo screenshot, so long as it’s of YOU. (In other words, no Forge art or pic you happened to come across on the Internet.)

        We originally thought of limiting it to Reach, but then realized…well, what’s the point of that? People have all sorts of cool shots of themselves from different Halo games, and keeping them from showcasing their bad-assery for no good reason was actually the opposite of why we’re doing it.

        So, yeah: Send in your screenshots, any date, any game. We want to see ’em!

    2. Janx says:

      This week’s weekly is pretty easy to achive, it took me like 1 1/2 hours straigth, just at the 1st covenant’s camp, assasinating the 1st elite and taking down the crowd below with lucky headshots. Meet, Kill, Feast, repeat.!

    3. V Translanka says:

      Oh, hey, Halo 3! I remember that game. You played as this really slow ass Spartan all the time and the Scout helmet looked cool and kinda like the Scout Stormtrooper (Speederbikes FTW!)…Check out “Pictures of You”, sometime Ender and you’ll see a neat shot of you totally Lasering that Wraith I called (and was ON) in Firefight the other day…I hope they include that feature on b.net soon (and maybe include Vid of Yourself sometime as well)….

    4. wubb says:

      I took one look at the challenges and decided not to step foot in Firefight yesterday. In addition to quitting after the first round or first death, I have to assume there were even more people than normal hiding in back rooms hoping others would finish the rounds.

      • Ender Xer0 says:

        Yeah, in one of our games there was a Brigadier (!) who was doing exactly that. The rest of us were discussing whether to go hop in a ghost and splatter him (the only way you can still kill a teammate in a Firefight) when the Covenant took care of it for us. We probably wouldn’t have done it — I’m generally not a big fan of betrayals, even when they deserve it — but after that match we went and got a fourth so it wouldn’t happen again.

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