Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.



Screenshot Of The Day today courtesy of Artful Fiver, who could practically give lessons on how to compose an effective action shot. Thanks, Fiver! Nice work!

Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for Forge art or pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!


  • TYPES: Assists, Kills, Single Match, Special Weapon
  • SETTINGS: Any Game Mode, Firefight, Multiplayer


Any Game Mode


Type: Kills
Setting: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1500

Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

Take on this one last. You’ll rack up some kills simply by tackling today’s other Daily Challenges, so no point duplicating your efforts.

  • For your leftovers, by far the most convenient carnage can be found at the opening of the Campaign’s ONI Sword Base mission. If you know it and don’t like the stigma of naked credit boosting, skip down. If you don’t know it, you can find a detailed rundown in the Owning On ONI permanent link on the top of this page.
  • But, if you don’t like the open credit farming that goes with Target Locating, simply rack up some quick kills in a Custom Game instead. Click on the Grunt Game Settings link at the top of the page for instructions on the best settings; you’ll also find a Custom Game there already set up for you.
  • Alternately, take a scan of your Commendations progress; if you’re close on anything relevant — say, for example, headshots or close-quarter kills — use the Custom Games option but change the weapon or enemy settings to fit, and increase your damage while reducing the enemies’ resistance.
  • For Campaign, load a Level or Rally Point that works your Commendation progress, and your Daily Challenge kills will simply come along for the ride. You’ll work your Commendations at the same time that you register Daily Challenge kills, as well as guard against a stray Commendation overloading your daily cRedit limit when your Weekly Challenge bonus (see below) triggers later in the week.




Type: Assists
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 1000

Earn 25 assists today in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

So, our standard spiel: Working toward Assists can always be a hassle, since your natural instincts and gaming skills focus on putting down your enemies, not passing the kill off to another player. Nobody makes the highlight reel by almost scoring 20 times.

Despite that, Bungie intends to pay you today to help out other players who haven’t really earned it by cashing in on your setup. Click on the Assist-O-Rama permanent link at the top of the page for our in-depth guide to Not Closing The Deal.

And, as a special added bonus, our YouTube friends over at ManeXGaming have assembled a special video just about scoring Assists, and were cool enough to make copious reference to this site as part of it, so we thought we’d give you another chance to check it out. Also, when you’re done, take a look at a couple of their other commentary vids online there — some really, really good stuff.



Special Weapon


Type: Kills / Special Weapon
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1000

Kill 10 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher.

Wow, Bungie really needs to learn the definition of the word “challenge”, yeah? OK, well, no complaints — it’s all free cRedits anyway.

Head into Score Attack and load up a standard Firefight match; the map won’t matter, but you’ll find a smaller one like Corvette or Courtyard lets you wrap things up more quickly. Select Spectre as your loadout (Camo plus Grenade Launcher), wait for the Grunts to start grunting, and fire away.

Remember that the Grenade Launcher allows you to delay detonation by holding the trigger, so you can either set a landmine for advancing Grunts, or simply time your explosion for maximum effect as you fire into the pack. Also switch on your Active Camo ahead of time, and the Grunts won’t know what hit ’em.



Special Weapon


Type: Kills / Special Weapon
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1000

Earn 3 kills with Ordnance Weapons in a Multiplayer Matchmaking game.

So, what the hell is an Ordnance Weapon? Well, you know them better as the Rockets, Laser, Concussion Rifle, Grenade and Plasma Launchers — pretty much what we lovingly refer to as Power Weapons.

That means the problem won’t so much be scoring three kills — they’re Power Weapons, yeah? — but actually scoring the weapons to begin with. There’s usually a mad rush for most of them anyway, but with this Challenge (and a Weekly that gives you a point for the Daily) matchmaking today might begin to resemble Black Friday at the Macy’s Guns & Ammo outlet.

It won’t matter much where or which gametype you head into — you can find these weapons on almost any map (Zealot and Asylum as the only exceptions) — but the larger-team playlists, with their higher kill-counts, give you more time to notch three kills before the game expires. They’re also more likely to feature vehicles, meaning the opportunity for Multikills on those with passenger seats or turrets.

Many gametypes actually allow you to spawn with an Ordinance weapon — the Grenade Launcher, as part of the Spectre loadout — though if you’re more inclined to Sprint for the Rockets, keep in mind that enemy players will be so inclined too. Don’t make the typical mistake of rushing the weapon, snaring it, and then perishing instantly as the more patient players fiesta you with grenades.

Instead, be one of those patient players, keeping an eye out for other players entering the zone who have fixated on the weapon rather than the hazards of their immediate environment (such as you). Once you see a safe alley open up, make a play for the weapon, equip it, and get to work.

UPDATE: And here’s an amazingly good idea from reader xxxthetoadxxx — fire up Multi-Team, then start your engines for Rocket Race.

“Don’t worry about the Objective, just work on knocking guys out of the ‘goose, then rocket them,” Toad says. “Easy kills usually, and you always start with the Rocket.”





Type: Meta
Setting: All
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 16000

Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week.

HOLY CRAP, that’s the biggest Challenge bonus in the all-time history of Challenge bonuses. Yow!!!

Not much to say, other than if you started Monday, you can finish Thursday, while Thursday is also the last day to start without mathematically eliminating yourself. So, yeah: Thursday. Also known in America as THANKSGIVING. That means if you blow this off all week, you still have four days of no school or work to clear four Challenges a day, all while your extended family yells at you to get off the XBox.

Tip Of The Day

TAKE NOTE, however: With such a huge award, you face the very realistic possibility of hitting the cRedit limit (60,000 cR) on the day you complete this. Remember, you’ll have just cleared at least one Daily Challenge, and probably more; since the Dailies average about 5K-6K, you could collect over a third of your limit just in bonuses, not counting even more earned as part the Challenges themselves.

So, on the day you expect to hit 16 — remember, Thursday earliest — steer clear of Multiplayer (where you earn the most cRedits) unless it’s actually part of a Challenge. Also, inspect your Commendations NOW, and spend the next three days clearing out any that might trigger a huge bonus on Thursday and blank your Challenge reward. No amount of turkey or football will make you feel better about working all week toward the biggest bonus in Halo history, only to accidentally disqualify yourself from collecting it.

  1. xxxthetoadxxx says:

    Here is some advice for the ordinance weapon challenge: Try Multi-Team, then Rocket Race. Dont worry about the objective just work on knocking guys out of the ‘goose, then just rocket them. Easy kills usually and you always start with the rocket.

  2. Ender Xer0 says:

    Wow, that’s a great suggestion, Toad. I never play Rocket Race — trust me, not even the wife lets me drive — but that’s a helluva good reason to start. I’ll update the Update to include that as a top tactic. Thanks!

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