Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.



“Hey! Dino! Look at me when I’m assassinating you!”

Screenshot Of The Day today courtesy of MrSieve33. Thanks for reminding us why we didn’t go to dental school, Sieve!

Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for Forge art or pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!


  • TYPES: Assists, Kills, Single Game, Special Weapon, Spree
  • SETTINGS: Firefight, Multiplayer

So, Firefight, we meet again.

But if you came to hear me beg, you will be disappointed. This time you will not run me into exhaustion, or impatience, or boredom. This time I will be your Jedi master. My Snipe-Fu is strong, and after I have defeated all three of your Challenges in a single match, then — THEN! — you will kneel before Zod.




Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 1250

Kill 125 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

But first, we shall warm up with a basic, straightforward Challenge. How long it takes simply depends on which playlists you prefer and how good you are at them. So, our standard recommendations:

  • Your best bet remains Rumble Pit, since the kills come fast and furious and you don’t have to worry about K/D — both the game and Challenges only count kills, not deaths, so trading one-for-one with double-melees will rack up points while scattering your own deaths (more or less) among the other players.
  • Most Pit Objective gametypes (King Of The Hill, Oddball, etc.) also usually increase your kill-count, since they concentrate combat into small zones, making it easier to spam grenades, death-blossom your Assault Rifle or pickpocket kills from a gunbattle between other players.
  • However, skip Juggernaut — a low-kill-count option that can leave you with no kills at all.
  • For a change of pace, head into Multiteam or the Team Slayer playlists (Slayer, Swat, Snipers). Avoid Team Objective, since games usually take longer and generate fewer kills.



Type: Assists
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 1000

Earn 10 Assists in Firefight Matchmaking.

Your first of three Firefight Challenges today, and one you can tackle at the same time as the others.

  • Though that makes the Challenge more worthwhile, however, it doesn’t make it any easier, since this is much, much harder than it sounds. The problem: most Firefight enemies — Grunts and Jackals — go down so easy that it’s difficult to coordinate an Assist without killing them outright. Even shattering a Jackal’s energy buckler with a plasma burst won’t register, since it’s not calculated as actual “damage” to the enemy.
  • Complicating matters is that there are so many of them — an Assist requires at least 40% damage to the target’s combined Shields and Health, and then for a teammate finish the kill within five seconds of your last strike. With Covies swarming the map, it’s unlikely an ally will be firing on the same one at the same time as you.
  • When tougher enemies do arrive fashionably late, they’re often too few or too resilient to rack up too many Assists. A Hunter, for example, often involves all teammates ripping into him at once, making it less likely any single player will strip off more than 40% before the beast goes down.

    Plasma Pistol: The Assist's Assistant.

  • Brutes represent more solid candidates for Assist-farming: a steady DMR stream will remove their helmets, setting them up for a teammate’s coup-de-grace. The problem isn’t so much that the Brutes don’t know how to put their hats back on; it’s that most don’t carry regenerative Shields, so you won’t know how much damage one’s taken already. Plus higher-ranking Brutes require more setup, making it difficult to gauge when you’ve crossed the 40% mark.
  • With all that in mind, your best bet remains to target Elites, crashing their Shields with an overcharged Plasma Pistol for a teammate to close the deal. Elites — while otherwise remarkably crafty — for some reason stop and howl like a drag queen who’s missed the wig sale at Macy’s, giving an ally an easy headshot.
  • The problem will ease up once the Mythic Skull turns on, since that doubles enemy health, including for even the lowliest DMR fodder; but — since they don’t have regenerating shields — it’ll still be difficult to gauge when you’ve peeled a Grunt or Jackal by 40%. So, better to keep steady with what’s worked for you, rather than try to shift strategies in the middle of the match.
  • You can also steal cheap Assists throughout the match by targeting a Phantom’s main gun: taking it out registers as a kill, so damaging it — a single sniper shot, or several with the DMR — will generate an Assist; you can even take care of it as the Dropship approaches, before it empties its troops, so you won’t have a Wave of Covies firing on you. With three Rounds of play now in Firefight, that’s 30 Dropships; more than enough to notch the Challenge.
  • And, by all means, go in with a friend if possible; coordinating with a partner on microphone will cut down on both your Challenge times, taking turns flashing an Elite’s shields while the other readies a headshot. It’ll be the one time when the Firefight playlist actually becomes cooperative.


    Single Match


    Type: Spree
    Setting: Firefight
    Difficulty: Easy
    Reward: 1200

    Earn 7 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game.

    Wow, seven Sprees in one single match. Sounds initimidating, right?

    Pish-posh. Bungie has created so many Sprees for Reach that you can hardly take a piss without, well, pissing on one. (And do it five times, you’ll probably get a Pissing Spree.) We’re accustomed to the Killing Spree and the occasional Sword or Shotgun Spree; but now there are Grenade Stick Sprees, Assist Sprees, and even Teabag and Rage Quit Sprees. (Though we’re pretty sure the medal for that last one is a Quit-Ban. Also, there’s probably not a Teabag Spree. Yet.)

    Some weapons will also trigger two Sprees at once; for example, the Sniper or Hammer, since you’ll Spree with the weapon in addition to your naked killstreak and earn two notches toward the Daily Challenge. Likewise, the extended-streak awards — Killing Frenzy, Slice ‘N’ Dice and so on — score additional notches as well.

    • With all that in mind, your best bet here becomes a three-Round Sniperfight: You’ll register a new Spree every five kills up through 20, with double-awards at the 10 mark; that means five points on your Challenge meter — well past halfway — and the game’s hardly started. Do that again, and you’ll have Spreed all over this Challenge, long before you face the toughest opponents.

      The Sniper Rifle. AKA El Spree-o.

    • When they do emerge, you can swap out for one of their fallen Power Weapons — such as the Hammer or Sword — and use those to Spree as well if a pack of enemies spawn too close. And, once you’re finally done, you’ll have a sniper with unlimited ammo to take down Shields and start racking Assists to become a Friend In Need in the same match.
    • For in-depth tips and tactics on maps and Sniper positions, click on our Finish The Firefight standing link at the top of the page; it offers all sorts of key options, so check it out. (Seriously, go read it; I’m not just sayin’.)
    • Though it might seem counterintuitive, however, avoid Rocketfight: You’ll certainly stack Multikills quickly enough for ordinary killstreaks to come naturally, but you won’t get any special weapon streaks; and it’s pretty goddamn easy to blow yourself up, so you might find yourself ending your own streak just as often as the Covenant.
    • Don’t like Sniperfights? Well, you’re weird, but okay. If you head into a standard Firefight, recover one of the Ordnance Weapons right away; a Spree will literally fall from the sky if you snare the Target Locator, but the rest of the Ordnance arsenal — Rockets, Sniper, Laser — will easily Spree for you as well. (Your only challenge will be the Laser: just four shots in Reach — WTF is that about, Bungie? — so simply fire into a Covie pack or burn through a Wraith for a Double-Kill to notch the added point for a Laser Spree.)
    • And just one map-specific note: If you vote your way onto Beachhead, it’s time for some real fun. Hop into the Rocket Hog and joyride a friend around as he cuts loose with his best imitation of a KISS concert. You’ll rack up Wheelman Sprees — yes, there are those too — as well as paint the grill with a Splatter Spree or two along the way.



    Special Weapon


    Type: Kill / Special Weapon
    Setting: Firefight
    Difficulty: Easy
    Reward: 1000

    Kill 1 enemy using the Energy Sword in Firefight Matchmaking.

    Seriously, you need advice on this? Okay: Don’t be a douche. Once you’ve recovered a Sword from a fallen Elite and notched your Challenge, give it up to a teammate for him to score too.

    So, to recap: You =/= Douche. Live it.




    Type: Meta
    Setting: All
    Difficulty: Grind
    Reward: 16000

    Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week.

    HOLY CRAP, that’s the biggest Challenge bonus in the all-time history of Challenge bonuses. Not much to say, other than if you haven’t started yet, you’re out of luck; only 8 Challenges left, and no amount of boosting or begging will turn that into 16. Time is a mistress of no mercy.

    Tip Of The Day

    TAKE NOTE, however: With such a huge award, you still face the very realistic possibility of hitting the cRedit limit (60,000 cR) on the day you complete this. Remember, you’ll have just cleared at least one Daily Challenge, and probably more; since the Dailies average about 5K-6K, you could collect over a third of your limit just in bonuses, not counting even more earned as part the Challenges themselves.

    So, on the day you expect to hit 16 — either today or tomorrow — steer clear of Multiplayer (where you earn the most cRedits) unless it’s actually part of a Challenge. Also, inspect your Commendations NOW, and if you’re on the edge for any of the higher metals, avoid them until the day after your Challenge registers. Thanksgiving leftovers won’t make you feel better about working all week toward the biggest bonus in Halo history, only to accidentally disqualify yourself.

    1. Will Lee Wonka says:

      For the Survivor Challenge (7 sprees in a singl firefight match), I loaded up Gruntpocalypse.

      All you need to do is go out, notch a spree, let them kill you, then respawn and head back out…wash, rinse, repeat.

      You have 10 lives, so you have plenty to spare to get the challenge.

      • Will Lee Wonka says:

        P.S. – In regards to the gruntpoc method, you do need to die as you won’t be able to notch the 7 sprees if you don’t.

        • Ender Xer0 says:

          Yeah, GruntPoc will work quite well for the Survivor Challenge; the main reason I didn’t include it is that you can’t do the other two Challenges at the same time — no Assists or Swords in Gruntpocalypse, so no “Friend” or “Katana” Challenge points. It didn’t occur to me that you’d need to die also — but yeah, you’re right about that too.

    2. Darisin says:

      Good stuff, and I lol’d at Teabag Spree. Maybe they should actually do that if the game can read if you’re actually teabagging someone lmao.

      And good catch on the Phantom Turrets part, I thought I was the only smart one that does that to get assists. I also like to shoot Elite Generals twice on the chest or foot to pop their shields with the sniper AND get good damage to their health, ensuring I will get an assist (because some other sniper likely already has a bead on him).

      Also, the Grenade Launcher is an assist MANIAC. When you EMP something and someone kills it, it ALWAYS counts as an assist, so always use the secondary-fire. Even without the secondary-fire that has the EMP, the gun can be an assist machine. It doesn’t have very good damage, but if you shoot in the perfect areas of groups of Covenant, they can do 50% damage or more (at least on Jackals and Grunts), above the count needed to nab an assist.

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