Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.




Screenshot Of The Day today courtesy of Wubb, who shows us how he dealt with overly aggressive Black Friday shoppers. (Probably should have picked up Armor Lock before they went for the iPads, eh?)

Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for Forge art or pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!


  • TYPES: Kills, Special Enemy
  • SETTINGS: Campaign, Firefight, Multiplayer




Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1250

Kill 50 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

A standard Multiplayer Challenge, so our standard recommendations for it. How long it takes simply depends on which playlists you prefer and how good you are at them:

  • Your best bet remains Rumble Pit, since the kills come fast and furious and you don’t have to worry about K/D — both the game and Challenges only count kills, not deaths, so trading one-for-one with double-melees will rack up points while scattering your own deaths (more or less) among the other players.
  • Most Pit Objective gametypes (King Of The Hill, Oddball, etc.) also usually increase your kill-count, since they concentrate combat into small zones, making it easier to spam grenades, death-blossom your Assault Rifle or pickpocket kills from a gunbattle between other players.
  • However, skip Juggernaut — a low-kill-count option that can leave you with no kills at all.
  • For a change of pace, head into Multiteam or the Team Slayer playlists (Slayer, Swat, Snipers). Avoid Team Objective, since games usually take longer and generate fewer kills.


Special Enemy


Type: Kills / Special Enemy
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 2250

Kill 75 Elites in Campaign today on Normal or harder.

  • Raining missiles down on ONI Sword Base like the fist of God remains your fastest method of scoring this Challenge. Four Elites await there to die by fire, and each airstrike should take out two or three; that means less than 15 minutes before you hit the magic 75 — the easiest Challenge cRedits you’ll score today. Check out our Owning on ONI standing link at the top of this page for complete instructions.
  • For some variety — and, OK, a whole lot of fun — you can load up the opening of Nightfall instead.
  1. You’ll find an Elite at the edge of the cliff taking a leak on the Grunts below, and who you’ll assassinate to start the level. (OK, maybe he’s not actually taking a leak; but then what the hell is he doing there?)
  2. Anyway, after a few quick melees to the sleeping Grunts nearby, ignore the encampment off to the side and slip instead toward the first makeshift Covie base.

    Don't worry, I've got your back. Just keep pushing forward and...oh, hey, is that Falcon getting off this rock? See ya!

  3. Hey, guess what? You’ve got a Sniper Rifle! Begin introducing cartridges to their foreheads.
  4. You’ll find eight more Elites scattered about, so you’ll score nine kills total before needing a Level Restart. Or, just keep going — the next encounter has more Elites, as well as the one after that, and so on.
  5. Don’t worry too much about Jun stealing kills; he follows the strictly-negotiated Teamster union rules for Halo AI allies, and will generally remain as unhelpful as possible.

(Yes, we know: you can simply scope the level’s first Elite, locate the Checkpoint, then Revert to repeatedly blow his brains out. But if you thought 20+ reloads on ONI became tedious, try 75 on Nightfall. ZZzzzz.)

You can likewise find concentrations of Elites throughout the Campaign — most notably on Pillar Of Autumn at the massive firefight in Boneyard; and at Tip Of The Spear’s Rally Point Bravo, where you’ll gun from the Falcon’s grenade launcher and reload the Checkpoint before you cross Spire’s energy shield. It all depends on how easy, challenging or interesting you want to make your Elite Hunt.



Special Enemy


Type: Kills / Special Enemy
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1000

Kill 10 Elite Drop Pods in The Long Night of Solace.

Tip Of The Day

No, Elite Drop Pods are not what you see scattered about after Burrito Night at the Covenant High Command. You’ll find them instead on Long Night Of Solace, first at mission start when they impact the perimeter of the Sabre installation (which, apparently, was so secret that the Covies knew all about it).

However, that is NOT where you’ll tackle this Challenge, since you’ve no way to target them as they hurtle from the sky. Instead, load up Rally Point Alpha, defending the soon-to-be-released Anchor 9 station with your Sabre.

    Hey look, an Anchor 9 Challenge right before its $10 DLC release. Ah, that Bungie--so clever.

  1. Dogfight your way past a few waves of Seraphs, Phantoms and Space Banshees, through the (unskippable) cutscene to the Corvette. Disable its engines, then maneuver beneath it, where you’ll find two crescents of lights. Eureka! Unlaunched Drop Pods. You can’t shoot ’em yet, but that won’t be long.
  2. Maneuver your Sabre either underneath the Corvette aiming up, or near the center of the crescents in a circular flight pattern, scoping the lights as you pan around. When one flares in a purplish burst, that’s a clutch of Drop Pods launching for the surface.
  3. Your targeting computer won’t register them for either of your guns, so you’ll need to use the Force and zero them by sight. They also rocket away at high velocity, giving you only a moment to attempt what resembles an accurate shot; after that, just fire into their vapor trails and hope for the best.
  4. Because Pods will outrace even your missiles, you’ll need to rely on your standard guns, but in truth your targets are little more than confetti; even a single trigger-pull will take one out. Often, though, you’ll be too far away to see it, and might only know you’ve hit when the Challenge counter flashes at the end of each Pod wave.
  5. Scoring ten won’t exactly be easy, since you’ll rely on luck as much as marksmanship, and complicating matters will be that not every Pod contains Elites — there’s no way to know, so you may need to take out more than ten. But neither is it particularly difficult, in the sense that you’re not really under enemy fire; more than anything, it’ll just be a matter of time.
  6. * * *

    UPDATE! An awesome video walkthrough has now been created (no, not by me); check it out!



Special Enemy


Type: Special Enemy
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 2000

Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking on Heroic or harder.

As with all Demon Challenges, the primary hassle remains that only a limited number of Elites emerge in any particular Firefight Round.

  • Score Attack represents your best option, since otherwise you’ll have three “teammates” (no, we won’t call them “allies”) competing to take the Elites down. Even if they’re not angling for the Challenge, they’re going to get in the way.

    By the Great Journey, human, why does Bungie hate us so today! What's that? Ghahckk? Ghahckk is not an answer!

  • That’s not to say this won’t still be a headache: Score Attack requires that you survive to get to the Elites, and when it’s you against the galaxy your chances grow slimmer with each Wave. Ordinarily, this would mean a change in tactics, from run-and-gun to stealthy sniping, but there’s a countdown timer to contend with as well; methodically thinning the herd, while taking cover whenever your Shields crash, could lead to surviving the fight…but never actually partying with the Elites.
  • With that in mind, use your veto until offered Sniperfight; it’ll help clear the Covie fodder faster, as well as rack up Elites more effectively. (There’s little point in a standard solo Firefight; Score Attack doesn’t feature Ordinance Drop.)
  • Also cycle your game options until offered a larger map, since close-quarter Firefights tend to become hot zones of clusterfuck explosions, with you inconveniently at the center of the fiesta.
  • If you do prefer a generic Firefight, look to recover a heavy weapon early on, and conserve its ammo until an Elite Dropship. Cut loose when they descend in a pack, and even if some only lose their shields, you can still make a quick switch to a headshot weapon. It won’t be worth the tradeoff of an option like Sniperfight, but give it a try if you need a change of pace.




Type: Meta
Setting: All
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 16000

Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week.


Not much to say, other than if you haven’t started yet, you’ve long ago been shut out. Today’s Daily Challenges are eminently serviceable, however, so if you still need just a few completions you shouldn’t have any problem registering the Weekly as well.

TAKE NOTE, however: With such a huge award, you still face the very realistic possibility of hitting the cRedit limit (60,000 cR) today. Remember, you’ll have just cleared at least one Daily Challenge, and probably more; since today’s Dailies total more than 6,000, you could collect more than a third of your limit just in bonuses (Daily + Weekly), not counting even more completing the Challenges themselves.

So, inspect your Commendations NOW, and if you’re on the edge for any higher metals, avoid them until tomorrow. Thanksgiving leftovers won’t make you feel better about working all week toward the biggest bonus in Halo history, only to accidentally disqualify yourself.

  1. V Translanka says:

    Elites drop by twos in front of the Sabre base on Long Night of Solace from Spirits (and if you take care of the Wraith guarding the side door (which will count as an Elite kill itself) another Spirit will begin dropping one Elite back there. Now, they come with the regular Covey party patrol (a handful of Grunts with a smattering of Jackals), but Marines also drop at the entrance of the Sabre base equipped with pretty new Rockets & Sniper rifles for you to steal…

    For Firefight Elites, Rocketfight can be really good especially if you manage to set up with the proper heavy weapons (& maybe a Jet Pack to camp the top of the drop ship) for the all-Elite Bonus Round…

  2. DekuLink says:

    Can you update the about to include a description of the difficulties? What’s grind?

    • V Translanka says:

      When something is said to be a grind it’s meant that it is long and boring. The difficulty in these Challenges isn’t on any actual skill-necessary level, just that you have to spend more time on them than you might want to otherwise….

      • Ender Xer0 says:

        Yep, V is exactly right — a Grind difficulty is when you’ve got to do something that by itself is actually Easy, but you’ve just got to do it over and over (and over and over) again.

        In other words, it’s a test of your patience, not your skill; because the skill part of it is otherwise pretty simple.

  3. dukemeiser says:

    Gotta disagree on the Heroic Demon. I think regular Firefight, Sniperfight, or Rocketfight is faster. In my experience, there are only 6 or 7 Elites that drop at the end of Score Attack. Which means you’d have to play 6 or 7 games of Score Attack to get the Challenge. That’s a lot of Score Attack. Sure you get them all to yourself, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

    If you play regular Firefight there is no guarantee you’ll get a full team of 4. I played Sniperfight first with 2 other players (3 total) on Courtyard. I even set my controller down for 10 minutes to go to the bathroom and I still ended up killing 25 Elites. For any of the rounds, waves 2 through 5 can contain Elites, not to mention drop pods containing Ultras or Rangers.

    Second game I played was regular Firefight on Glacier. It was me and one other guy (nobody quit, that’s just how the game started). I easily got my remaining 15 even though the game was laggy as hell. I even tried to help the other guy get a few, though I usually ended up killing them. Probably got close to 25 that game too. Time ran out after the 2nd round.

  4. Mr Barrel Roll says:

    Sniper Attack is NOT the best way to get Heroic Demon. I played a game of that, 4 elite kills after that. Wasn’t feeling like playing another 9 games, hopped into regular Firefight matchmaking, got into Rocketfight… 34 Elite kills, easy-peasy. Granted 2 guys quit, but even then, that would be 17 kills in a full game? WAY faster than Sniperfight, at least.

    • Ender Xer0 says:

      Guys, I *totally* understand where you both are coming from when it comes to Sniper Attack vs. a standard Firefight. To some extent, it’s just a matter of preference, and everybody’s got their own personal style. BUT, at the same time, there are a couple of things you’re completely overlooking:

      1. All of the examples you both give always involve having less than four players; that’s usually not going to be the situation, and it’s not terribly helpful for the site to recommend a strategy of “go into this playlist and hope that half your teammates quit.”

      2. Remember, if you’re making a true comparison, you need to adjust your numbers: 25 kills in a two-person game means only 12-13 kills in a four-person game. Guess what? Even at only 4 kills per Score Attack — which is only one round — that’s the same as 12 kills in a three-round firefight. You’re just playing the rounds as separate games.

      3. So, what’s the difference? Well, as I said above, in Score Attack you won’t have to compete for any of those kills — they’re all *guaranteed* to be yours, right from the start.

      4. And, though it’s not particularly emphasized above, you automatically get to PICK THE MAP — you can’t be outvoted, you don’t get only two turns at voting, you never get stuck for three full rounds in a map or gametype that you didn’t want. You get to CHOOSE whatever map suits you best. There’s just no way to quantify how important that is for your ability to do well.

      Remember that the purpose of these strategies is to make the Challenges as quick and easy as possible, and having the kind of control that Score Attack gives you over your map, gametype and enemy targets far outpaces (IMHO) going into a standard Firefight and hoping for the luck of the draw.

      You do both make some good points, but as I said, everyone’s got their own comfort zone, and everyone’s mileage may vary, so take yer pick.

      • FoxmanFX says:

        I have to say, I think mentioning in discription that getting togeather 2-3 challenge buddies and heading into regular firefight is much better on time/returns than just solo score attack, just sayin’ 🙂

        Some of us have a stable of buddies that help each other out with challenges, sometimes even when solo would be slightly better 🙂

  5. V Translanka says:

    Too true, numbers man…though I think it’s terribly important to say that whenever possible the Firefight challenges really just should be done with friends. Cooperation & Coordination are your keys to victory! Plus, an infinite Plasma Pistol is just effing neat. How do they do that? Solar power? Micro-nucleon reactor? Double rainbows? No wonder Reach fell….

    • Ender Xer0 says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen, my Firefight Challenge Partner, whom I’ve had to carry on numerous occasions.

      Oh, wait– or was that him carrying me? Yeah, OK, never mind…

  6. […] each day, however, just follow the strategies from our standard Multiplayer/Kills Challenges (see Fire When Ready, from […]

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