Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.

YOW! Why the hell is this update appearing so late? Get it together, HRD!

Yeah, yeah, we know. Tell it to our cable company, which blanked Internet access for random sections of the neighborhood almost all morning. Something about a Covenant jamming signal? Whatever. Do it again, Time-Warner, and you’re going to get glassed.



You may have noticed some changes taking place here at HRDHQ — a bit of remodeling aboard the Pillar of Awesome, as well as a couple of new features and faces you hadn’t met before. Let me update you about what’s going on:

The site’s experiencing more rapid expansion than we ever thought possible. Yesterday was HRD’s most heavily-trafficked day ever, in a week where nearly each day set a new record for visits and page views. Our Update-announcement thread usually appears as one of the top Reach topics on, and a Google search for Halo Reach Daily generally puts this site on the first page, often right at the top. The legendary mainstay Halo.Bungie.Org even featured the site yesterday in its top news.

So, as part of that expansion, we’ve slowly made some cosmetic changes to the site: adding a Daily Summary of the combined Challenges, along with a Quickbox at the top of the sidebar, updated as soon as the new Challenges go live, so you can see them even before we post our Update; as well as showcases like Screenshot Of The Day and now our newest addition — a weekly vid from our YouTube friends over at ManeXGaming (see below).

We’ll tweak the look and content of the site some more in the weeks to come, including adding a few new writers with a couple of useful and interesting features, as well as testing out a few ideas for making the site even more helpful on a daily basis. Don’t worry, though: Tackling the Daily and Weekly Challenges and racking up their bonus cRedits will now and always remain the centerpiece of the site. The rest is just some awesome shoulders and a tac-pad for your wrist to try on while you’re here.

As always, your feedback’s not just welcome, but invited, so send us comments — good or bad — at And keep those Screenshots coming in!

Thanks again, everyone, you’re incredibly cool.

Ender Xer0


As part of the new features on HRD, I asked our good friends at ManeXGaming to do a regular Video Of The Week for us in place of the featured Screenshot every Monday. Their Channel over on YouTube doesn’t focus specifically on Challenges, but rather on making you a better player — and that’s exactly the point: It doesn’t much help for HRD to say “Go into Rumble Pit if you’re not particularly skilled at Rumble Pit.

So, with that in mind, the ManeX lads have agreed to let us showcase a weekly video with an eye toward improving the type of gameplay that’ll help you nail the Challenges each day. And, between Mondays, check out the other videos on their site: They’ve got reviews, epic clips, Achievement walkthroughs, all sorts of coolness. Trust me, it’ll be time well spent.

For our first-ever video, we have — surprise! — a Rumble Pit game with running commentary that highlights some easy but essential strategies: ideas on opening tactics, armor ability selection based on the map, anticipating your enemy’s actions and more. Check it out!

Screenshot Of The Day will return tomorrow. Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for Forge art or pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!


  • TYPES: Assists, Completion, Kills, Special Weapon, Zero Deaths
  • SETTINGS: Any Game Mode, Campaign, Multiplayer


Any Game Mode


Type: Kills
Setting: Any
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 2500

Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

Take on this one last. You’ll rack up some kills simply by tackling today’s other Challenges, so no point duplicating your efforts. For your leftovers, our standard recommendations:

  • By far the most convenient carnage can be found at the opening of the Campaign’s ONI Sword Base mission. If you know it and don’t like the stigma of naked credit boosting, skip down. If you don’t know it, you can find a detailed rundown in the Owning On ONI permanent link on the top of this page.
  • But, if you don’t like the open credit farming that goes with Target Locating, simply rack up some quick kills in a Custom Game instead. Click on the Grunt Game Settings link at the top of the page for instructions on the best settings; you’ll also find a Custom Game there already set up for you.



Single Match


Type: Assists
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Medium
Reward: 1200

Earn 10 assists in a Multiplayer Matchmaking game.

The real challenge here will be not just to rack up Assists, but to collect at least a 10 in the same match; miss the mark, and you’re back to zero.

Because of that, your best bet becomes to focus on nothing but Assists until registering the Challenge; yes, that means walking away from some otherwise deserved kills as you crash an opponent’s Shields but let another player punch his ticket. You’re flying wingman here, helping other gamers score the chick even if the party’s a free-for-all.

Just click on the Assist-O-Rama standing link at the top of this page to see our complete guide to Not Closing The Deal. You’ll lose a few extra points by not claiming the kill yourself, but you’ll still get cR points for an Assist, and the Challenge bonus will way more make up for the ones you handed away.



Zero Deaths

Type: Completion
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Hard (solo) / Medium (co-op)
Reward: 1250

Complete Tip of the Spear on Legendary without dying.

Tip Of The Day

No other way to say this: You’re probably never going to do this alone. If you can handle a Legendary level without dying, you don’t need any advice from here.

One major problem: The level’s just so goddamn long — easily twice as long as the missions before it, and probably most of the ones after too. It’s also filled with nonstop ways to die instantly: heavy vehicles, Hunters, Shade Turrets, Suicide Grunts, explosive weapons, Kat’s driving, all sorts of crap.

So, while it’s true that the game scales up the difficulty for more players, you’ll want the three more guns at your side; otherwise, it’ll just be a very long day of Restarts. Take note, however: it’s also got entire sequences that seem designed to eliminate the co-op exploit of a weaker player hanging back while the rest of the team does the heavy lifting, Checkpointing him forward only after most bad guys have been Great Journeyed; no “guarding the rear flank” on this one.

ALSO NOTE: If you do happen to perish midway through the level, you can’t just hit Restart; you’ll need to Save-And-Quit, then load the level again. Otherwise, it’ll still read your progress as Challenge Failed.

The level’s much too long for a detailed walkthrough here, so instead keep in mind some strategies that help on Legendary no matter which mission you’re on:


  1. On Legendary, Reach becomes an almost entirely different game than its Normal difficulty; rather than the typical run-and-gun, blaze-of-glory style you might have enjoyed when first playing the missions, Legendary relies on strategy as much — and probably more — than skill. Your kung fu may be strong, but you’re not going to ninja your way out of a plasma shitstorm.
  2. Since the Challenge requires zero deaths, you’ll also need to play even more defensively— stealthy when possible, and get-the-fuck-out-of-there when necessary. If you think you’ve just done something that would make an awesome kick-ass clip for your File Share, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  3. In almost every situation, look to bypass enemies and encounters entirely. You’re not working toward a Campaign score, so there’s no need to take out every enemy — or, actually, any enemy — if you can simply skip past them. After all, Reach will just get glassed anyway, yeah?
  4. To do this, keep an eye out for perimeter runs along the oustkirts of the hot zones — not only will you slip past Covies more easily, protected by natural cover, but they’ll be shooting you only from one or two directions; get caught in a crossfire and you might as well go grab a sandwich while your level restarts.

    You didn't really think you'd actually be able to play this part, right?

  5. When you can’t bypass enemies, keep a distance/headshot weapon handy for taking them out at range. Because of the geography of the level, you can find a number of positions that offer a clean line of sight for precision kills before the enemy AI even figures out where you are.
  6. Effectively skipping one encounter can often lead to bypassing the encounter that comes after it, since Covenant enemy and vehicle drops often coincide with combat progress; you might find a subsequent battleground nearly entirely empty, since the Covies will have only begun their landing sequence while you’re already getting the hell out of Dodge.
  7. If it looks like the designers want you to engage a major battle from an obvious point of attack, DON’T. The obvious attack points are for Normal difficulty. You’ll want to find another way in, or around, taking out an objective from range or skipping a firefight entirely. For example: the game maneuvers you to neutralize the massive anti-aircraft guns by destroying their cores, which you can only reach by blazing metal through a legion of Covie hardcores; but you can actually take out both simply by pounding the main turret from a distance with Rocket Hog or Revenant fire.

So: Kat's driving, or the Falcon pilot flying into an EMP field -- which one's more retarded? (Trick question, it's a tie.)

Your biggest danger in losing the Challenge will be as your Falcon runs the gauntlet toward Spire; any lagging Teammate will automatically Checkpoint into a turret, so there’s no hiding — and if the Falcon goes down, then it’s game over for everyone on board.

The good news is your Falcon turret is a Grenade Launcher with a bottomless clip rather than single shot, and without the requirement to reload the thing actually fires pretty goddamn fast. Make use of its EMP burst to paralyze vehicles and take down Elite Shields, and always be anticipating where your next shot will need to go.

Whew! Quite a lot to keep in mind as you try to do the Campaign’s longest level on its hardest difficulty without dying once. To help you out, here’s a two-part video walkthrough — done SOLO — by the guy who invented the so-called Mythic Difficulty. (He’s just doing it here on Legendary, so don’t worry about any Skulls.)

Good luck!





Special Weapon


Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 1000

Earn 20 kills with automatic weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking.

Yet another simple Challenge that you’ll notch in no time. Automatic weapons include not just your trusty Assault Rifle, but also Covie Needlers and Plasma Rifles and Repeaters. (The Needle Rifle also has an autofire, but it’s classified as a Precision Weapon.) So, expect to see Gametypes and Loadouts featuring these weapons throughout the day.

A few quick tips, which you already probably know, but anyway:

  • If you find yourself in AR showdowns with you consistently on the corpse end of the gunfight, you’re probably just holding down the trigger. Unlike the BR from Halo 3, the AR in Reach actually behaves the way a gun should when you fight with it: keep your trigger down and your shots will start to fly in all sorts of wild directions. The key to the weapon is short, controlled bursts. Pump your trigger at a steady pace and the reticule will keep resetting; it’ll take some practice to find the sweet spot, but once you get the hang of it you’ll do it without even noticing.
  • Lead with your Grenades to soften up enemies, since you’ll get no Challenge credit for emptying your clip to bring down their Shields, only to finish them with a wasted ‘nade burst.
  • Likewise, remove double-melees from your close-quarter lexicon; flash his Shields with a melee strike, then dodge backward and fire to keep him from finishing you with a double-melee of his own.
  • Needler Supercombines will register Challenge points as well, so look for enemies who have strayed from cover and ambush them for a quick kill. Keep an eye not on your opponent but rather on your aiming reticule; the targeting circle remains far more easy to keep track of than an enemy attempting to evade.
  • Swap out your secondary weapon for another auto-shooter whenever you can; thus, even if your first clip fails to close the deal, you can switch weapons to finish the kill rather than give an enemy time to escape or retaliate while you reload.






Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Grind
Reward: 7777

Kill 1000 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking this week.

Ahh, finally, another Weekly Challenge that’s actually a challenge. Scoring 1K kills in one week sounds like an insurmountable task for which there are no shortcuts, but only the second half of that is right.

The number seems like a towering endcap, attainable only by the truly skilled or truly crazed. But, with all week to run your counter up, it becomes implausible only if you leave it to the very end.

One thousand divides not-so-neatly into 143 kills per day — an eminently manageable number, considering you’ve already completed Daily Challenges that required you to register up to 150 names in the dead-book. Notching that once per day simply turns this into a fifth Daily Challenge, with the massive payoff for all seven days at the end of the week.

Also: Though we don’t know what they are yet, many upcoming Challenges — like today’s Now I Have A Machine Gun — will require you to stack Multiplayer bodies, so you’ll work this one automatically as you wrap up the Dailies during the week. If you want to clear these separately each day, however, just follow the strategies from our standard Multiplayer/Kills Challenges (see Fire When Ready, from yesterday).

Most importantly, don’t talk yourself out of this simply because it’s intimidating; with the Bungie-sized bonus at the end of the week, each kill will net you an additional 7.7 cRedits; considering that a standard kill only awards you 4 cR, you’ll be nearly tripling your cRedit reward for your next thousand kills — but only if you finish. You’re a Spartan, okay? “Impossible” is a word for ODSTs.

  1. FoxmanFX says:

    Simple way around the Deathless campaign levels.

    1) Complete the level (sure you died, no big deal)
    2) Wait for the end cut sceen to start (just a flash of colour is fine)
    3) Hit start, and select save and quit.
    4) Load the game. -Blam!- you completed the level without dying.


    • Ender Xer0 says:

      Oh yeah — we know all about the glitch. We actually have no problem at all with people doing it — how anybody plays is entirely up to them — but we just try to avoid recommending it, since you never know when Bungie will actually fix it or unexpectedly decide to strip your cRedits (as 15,000 people unexpectedly found out a few weeks ago). Their Banhammer can swing somewhat arbitrarily and usually without warning, and we wouldn’t be comfortable recommending a strategy that could screw over thousands of people in one instant.

      In fact, the only time we’ve ever recommended a glitch is with the Forklift during the Midnight Run on Nightfall — mostly because we just found it so freekin’ genius, and because we expect Bungie really doesn’t care how you maneuver from one single fight to another, only that you’re not scoring cRedits for an entire level Challenge that you didn’t really earn.

      However, contrast this with an *exploit*, which seems similar but is actually the opposite of a glitch. With an exploit, the game is working precisely as it should, but you’ve just found a way to make best use of it (such as allowing a weaker player to hang back, then Checkpointing him forward); with a glitch, you’re actually tricking the game into working incorrectly, then intentionally taking advantage of it.

      Anyway, that’s just how I see it. Anyone else have thoughts on it?

  2. Will Lee Wonka says:

    What happened that Bungie stripped credits?

    I live in a cave and hardly ever go out except to get hosed down for my semi monthly bathing.

    No, for real…what happened?

    • Will Lee Wonka says:


      I used my interwebz super google skillz and was able to find out what happened.

      I can definietly see how/why it was abused this past week with the huge weekly challenge credit payoff.

  3. Thom says:

    Dude… that mission is like… REAL SHORT! You had me all scared thinking it was going to take for ever when it took me like 30 minutes, when most missions on Legendary take me like an hour.

  4. V Translanka says:

    Wow, wish this had been up earlier…me, Harp & Samson tried to do it and got gutted on the Falcon part because we took too long to take out the Elites that were totally pounding them with Concussion blasts before take-off (when we did finally take off both of them were on fire and I didn’t even get a Grenade turret seat (boo@machine gun turrets in Reach!). I got too bummed out by it to even play Reach again that day…So that was my #3 incomplete Challenge, so I now probably no longer care about getting each & every Challenge…:(

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