An Important Message From Halo Reach Daily

Posted: December 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi Everyone,

This is Ender Harris writing now rather than through my gamertag Ender Xer0. A serious family crisis occurred in the past two days that requires me to travel back to my family home in New York City for what will likely be about two weeks. I won’t have the time or ability to update the site while I’m away, so HRD will be officially offline until about Jan. 15.

As to the nature of the emergency: Yes, it’s very bad. No, I won’t go into details, because I’m an extremely private person when it comes to such things. I do, however, appreciate all the messages of support from the people I’ve already told personally, and during a time like this it makes me feel that much better knowing how much people like the site and all the work put into it.

If you do like the site and want an advance notice of when it’ll be back, hit the subcribe button at left to get an email sent directly to you when we’re up and running again; you can always unsubscribe once the site restarts, but subscribing will mean you won’t have to come back here every day in search of an update that hasn’t arrived.

Also, in the meantime, if you need some key Challenge advice, please visit Halo.Bungie.Org to read the Halo Reach Daily Report featured there, written by HRD Associate Editor FoxmanFX, who posts a quick-and-handy guide to the Challenges on their message board every day.

Thanks again in advance for everyone’s patience and understanding, and I’ll get the site out of drydock and back into orbit as soon as I can.

Best Regards,


  1. Will Lee Wonka says:

    Hope everything works out as best it can.

    Godspeed, Ender.

  2. DB says:

    Real Life takes precedence of course. I totally understand the personal and privacy issue, details aren’t necessary, but I appreciate the heads-up. I hope the best for you and your family through your crisis.

  3. MAL says:

    Sorry to hear about the family crisis, wishing and hoping for the best to you and yours given the circumstances.

  4. Slidercleo says:

    So sorry Ender. Real life is always more important. Hope everything turns out as well as it can. HRD and all of us will be waiting for you.

  5. Matt says:

    Hope everything works out OK.

  6. ender4449 says:

    We can wait, video games are fun but family and real life are more important. Take as long as needed and I hope everything works out for your family.

  7. CalvinIII says:

    Prayers for you, Ender. I look forward to your return. When real life gets sorted out, we will be here waiting.

  8. sudo pudge says:

    We’re all very sorry to hear it. Thanks for all the work you put into this site.

  9. KillaMox says:

    Hope all ends well Ender!

  10. Avore says:

    Very sorry to hear Ender, best wishes to you and your family, and thanks for everything you’ve done here. Hope everything works out well.

  11. VividChaos says:

    Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for all your hard work, I really have appreciated it.

  12. Artful Fiver says:

    Hang in there Ender. Know that you are in our thoughts. We’ll be here when you get back.

  13. Greenrangerv2 says:

    May god bless you and your family in this hard time. Take your time family comes first. We all wish you well.

  14. Nick says:

    I’ll be praying for you and your family, Ender. Even though I don’t know the details of what’s going on in your life Romans 8:26 says “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.”

  15. Ender,

    Here’s to hoping that everything works out to the best possible conclusion. Life challenges are never easy. Take care, and looking forward to your return.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Take your time. Despite what others might say, your family needs you more than we do right now.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, it’s well past January 15th. I am removing this site from my bookmarks and will use other sites for my Daily Challenge needs. I guess the “family crisis” was bad enough to let your website fall apart and leave all its visitors hanging, but not too bad for you to be playing Halo Reach every day. Pathetic. Goodbye.

  18. VS Beejer says:

    Well that certainly is a rather selfish comment above. The rest of the community here wishes you well and hopes for the best for you Ender.

    • DB says:

      And you couldn’t keep your comment to yourself “Anonymous” and just leave? Too bad you won’t be around for the justly deserved scorching.

      As for Ender playing Halo Reach “every day” that’s BS and you know it. I looked since you made a point of it*. He’s played a little this past week yes, but nothing the 3 weeks before that. It takes more to restart this blog than it does to fire up the xbox for some stress relief. You have no clue what is involved, nor even if he is yet back home to do it. For all you know it may not even be Ender himself, it could a friend using his account. Probably not, but possible.

      * I had no reason to, nor interest in, “checking up” on Ender. Not before that anyway, and then just because I suspected you were trolling.

      Ender, if this blog never does reactivate don’t sweat it. Most of us know the time investment required and won’t fault you for not having the time. I’m also aware of how hard it is to kick-start a project back to life after being idle. Do it for the fun and the enjoyment you get from it, when you’re ready. Or don’t worry about it if you can’t find good reasons to do it.

      • DB says:

        Oops, my reply ended up tagged to VS Beejer’s. I’m sure it’s clear but just to clarify so there is no doubt, it is in response to “Anonymous” just above VS’s post, and not directed at VS in any way.

  19. KillaMOX says:

    Don’t listen to the douche bag up top Ender you take your time.

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