Posted: March 16, 2011 in Meta

Welcome to The Carnage Report!

* * *
Our Daily Updates sometimes get a bit crowded with news, announcements, Endertorials, all sorts of crap — so, we’ve decided to skim off the gunk, package it together in its own semi-daily feature and pass it off to you for more than it’s really worth.

However, it’s also a chance for our readers to get on the Front Page with more than a Screenshot. Got a news item? A righteous ninja vid-clip? Something you want to say and no place to say it? Hit us up with an email. We’re looking for News, Views, Reviews and Singin’ the Blues. The microphone is yours, people: Plug it in.

And, just as importantly, it’s also a stage for us to showcase a brand-new HRD feature whose usefulness actually outweighs its ability to keep Ender Xer0 quiet for a few paragraphs: The centerpiece of the Carnage Report, in which the Pillar of Awesome‘s Staff and readers give a rundown of the previous day’s Challenges to offer insight into how well their personal strategies paid off. It’s easy enough for us to scratch our chins each morning and speculate on the best way to tackle the day’s Challenges; it’s quite another to see if any of them worked out, and what you did when they don’t.

So, on a semi-almost daily basis, we’ll Monday-morning-quarterback the Challenges in the hopes that a regular personal account will help you take them on in the future. (This first one’s written by HRD staffer and fellow Ender Nation clansman ender4449, known to his good friends as Render. At least, when he’s not looking.) Want to write for this too? Send Xer0 an email and we’ll set you up with a date that’ll be all yours.


The Defiant Maps dropped yesterday — and for some people, crashed. You’ve probably got it all fixed by now, but just in case.


Here’s just a quick selection of thoughts on the new DLC from some of our fave sites. Check ’em out: there’s a good mix of insight and insider opinions alike.


Oh, and speaking of Grifball, we’ll never pass up the chance to post some Hammer highlights. From the Good Games League!


We think the Bungie Mobile features have been only kinda-sorta cool, but they’re working on it.


Yes, it’s still too early to make jokes like “Neo-Tokyo is about to explode.” Instead, Bungie is donating to quake victims, and so should you.


Just wanted to pull back the curtain on my incredibly heartfelt gratitude to all the well-wishers from both friends and strangers in the Comments section of this site as well as in my Email inbox. Yes, it was a tough time; yes, we were on hold much longer than expected. But these kind of messages remind me how many awesome people I’ve gotten to know through playing Halo, and why it feels so good to be back. Thanks, guys.

You’ll also notice a lot of new and cool and (hopefully) interesting stuff on the site over the next few weeks — not the least of which is this flashy Carnage Report — much of which had already been planned before we had to take our sudden and unexpected absence. But, as they say, when life unfolds, it’s rarely along the creases. Send us some feedback and let us know what you think of it all — and you don’t gotta be nice, you just gotta be honest. Them’s the rulez.

Also, don’t forget to send in your DEFIANT MAP SCREENSHOTS for our Front Page — scroll down to our Daily Update for full instructions. Oh, and speaking of which: Look for our full DEFIANT ACHIEVEMENTS GUIDE, coming soon!

Ender Xer0
* * *



Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach.
Really didn’t pay attention to this one much, having played through two campaign missions and going into Firefight and Multiplayer for the 10 Assists and 10 Win Challenges respectively.


Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking.
Ender Xer0 and I teamed up on this one and got it in two games. The Focus Rifle and Grenade Launcher were my closest friends (weapon-wise) for those games. Being one of the few people who actually like the Focus Rifle, it’s a very good weapon when for both Assists and Kills (unlimited ammo helps, but I know everyone just wants Bottomless Clip).

Timing my shots was key — hit a Grunt for too long and he died before Xer0’s FRG killed him; too short, and I didn’t get an Assist. Same goes for the Grenade Launcher, but its secondary fire is amazing for Elites. Shields fall after one to three EMP burst, depending on the Elite’s rank and how late we were in the game.


Complete Tip of the Spear on Legendary without dying, with Mythic, Thunderstorm, Tilt, and Tough Luck on.
While I do try and finish the level as intended by the Challenge, time is against you when this one gets floated as a Daily, and so sometimes Checkpoint or Cutscene glitching becomes my best choice.


Win three games in Multiplayer Matchmaking.
Earlier I said 10 wins, but this Challenge only requires three. However, I’m trying to get at least 10 wins a day to net the Weekly Challenge by Friday, so since this was already in my plans I just had 2 Dailies to work on. Great when things work out this way.


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