Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.

Halo Reach Daily is dedicated to my Dad, who taught me what it means to take on a Challenge.



The galaxy-trembling return of Halo Reach Daily has also meant the auspicious revival of our popular video-of-the-week feature from our good friends at ManeX Gaming. The MXG lads provide clips not of specific Challenges, but of key tactics and techniques intended to help make you a better player across ALL your Challenges.

This week: your Headshot-O-Rama guide to SWAT, with a complete-game footage of a 50-49 matchup and commentary on essential strategies for keeping enemy bullets off your forehead. Check it out!

Our Screenshot Of The Day returns tomorrow. If you haven’t done it already, yo: Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for Forge art or random pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!



TYPES: Kills, Special Weapon, Spree
SETTINGS: Firefight, Multiplayer
TOTAL TIME: 45-60 minutes




Type: Kills
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Grind
Time: 30-45 minutes
Value: ★★★★
Reward: 1000

Kill 75 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

There’s not too many ways to simply say “Grifball”, so we figure that a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Have fun with that Hammer, kids.



Special Weapon


Type: Special Weapon
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Grind
Time: 15-20 minutes (Concurrent with other Firefight Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1000

Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades.

You can work this one at the same time as today’s other Firefight Challenges — by itself, we’d ordinarily recommend Gruntpocalypse in Score Attack, since it’s easy to nail the waddlin’ tykes while they’re still in a spawn pack — but if you’re combining Challenges, the opening Waves of each Round in a Firefight Arcade game will do the trick just as well.

Load up Nadefight for an eight-grenades bandoleer to start, then regularly farm Plasmas from the battlefield during a break in the action; or, go cheap and just get yourself killed, since you can respawn where the action is with a new grenade stock. (Lazy? Sure. But hey, it’s Monday.)



Special Weapon


Type: Kills / Special Weapon
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15-20 minutes (Concurrent with other Firefight Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1000

Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher.

Once again, we’d normally head into Score Attack for a standard Firefight with the Spectre loadout (Camo plus Grenade Launcher). But, since we’re combining Challenges, we’re going to look for a Nadefight in Arcade.

Remember, the Grenade Launcher allows you to delay detonation by holding the trigger, so you can either set a landmine for advancing aliens, or simply time your explosion for maximum effect as you fire into the pack. Also switch on your Active Camo ahead of time, and the Covies won’t know what hit ’em.



Single Match


Type: Spree
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15-20 minutes (Concurrent with other Firefight Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1000

Earn 9 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game.

Wow, Bungie must be having flashbacks to its teenage years; it’s been aching to Spree all over the Covenant every day for the past week.

OK, you’ve got two choices: combine this with today’s other Firefight objectives, in which you’ll farm weapons from the field after pocketing your grenade Challenges; or simply head into a Sniper or Fistfight on their own.

The fact is, Bungie has created so many Sprees for Reach that you can hardly take a piss without, well, pissing on one. (And do it five times, you’ll probably get a Pissing Spree.) Weapons like the Sniper or Fistfight’s Sword and Hammer will trigger two Sprees at once, so you’ll Spree with the weapon in addition to your naked killstreak — twice as fast, in fact — to earn two notches toward the Daily Challenge.

The Sniper Rifle. AKA El Spree-o.

Likewise, the extended-streak awards — Killing Frenzy, Slice ‘N’ Dice and so on — score additional notches, so you’ll register a new Spree every five kills up through 20, with double-awards at the 10 mark; that means you’ll have more than half this Challenge in pocket from less than two dozen enemies.

Okay, enough with the math. If you’re in a Nadefight, you’ll simply scavenge these weapons from the field — the Elite Heretics, for example, carry an aggravating number of Sniper Rifles, while the Boss Wave coughs up a couple of Hammers and Swords — so you should be covered no matter which gametype you pick.

Don’t like the cool special weapons of an Arcade Firefight? Okay, you’re weird, but whatever. Just head into a standard Firefight and recover the Ordnance Weapons right away; a Spree will literally fall from the sky if you snare the Target Locator, but the rest of the Ordnance arsenal — Rockets, Sniper, Laser — will easily Spree for you as well. (Your only challenge will be the Laser: just four shots in Reach — WTF is that about, Bungie? — so simply fire into a Covie pack or burn through a Wraith for a Double-Kill to notch the added point for a Laser Spree.)

And just one map-specific note: If you vote your way onto Beachhead or Unearthed it’s time for some real fun. Hop into the Rocket Hog and joyride a friend around as he cuts loose with his best imitation of a KISS concert. You’ll rack up Wheelman Sprees — yes, there are those too — as well as paint the grill with a Splatter Spree or two along the way.




Type: Meta
Setting: All
Difficulty: Grind
Time: 4 Challenges/Day
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 18000

Complete 24 Daily Challenges this week.


HOLY CRAP, that’s just about the biggest Challenge bonus in the all-time history of Challenge bonuses. Yow!

Not much to say, other than if you start today, you can finish on Saturday; so, you can technically miss an entire day, but then you’ll have to complete every single other Daily Challenge or you’ll mathematically eliminate yourself. So, better to nail them all during the week to give yourself some breathing room on the weekend.

And, if you think this is too much crazy for a videogame to ask: Just remember that the Daily Challenges average out to about 6,000 cR per day. This Weekly actually means that, in addition to all the cRedits you’ll earn just from actually tackling the Challenges, you’ll have cashed out an extra 54,000 cR in Daily and Weekly bonuses — but only if you finish.

So, crazy? Sure. But 54K will make a man do crazy, yeah?

  1. Ender Xer0 says:

    I got it in a FistFight. Three Sword sprees, three Hammer sprees, three Killing sprees — the entire Challenge in 30 kills.

    It was the J.H. Death Machine Challenge that vexed me…about a gabillion Assists as I took down Covie shields and teammates claimed the deathblow…

  2. KillaMOX says:

    I think 2x Score attack is best.

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