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Type: Scoring
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 20 to 30 minutes
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 7777

Earn a score of 80,000 in any mission in the Reach Campaign.


Yikes, 80,000 points….seems like a lot!

Guess what? Where we’re going, it won’t make a difference.

Tip Of The Day

Fire up New Alexandria, which starts you in a Falcon and pits you against enemy vehicles, worth far more points than ordinary Covies. Then switch on five Skulls: Tough Luck, Catch, Famine, Thunderstorm and Tilt. None of these affect aerial combat, but still register as major point multipliers. And don’t worry about the ground combat, either: We’re not getting out of the chopper.

Play on whatever difficulty you find comfortable, though harder ratings will attract enemy aircraft more rapidly; Heroic is likely a good balance between enemy numbers and how tough they fight, though go ahead and load up Legendary if you’re a solid pilot who’s good on the stick.

Ignore Phantoms and concentrate fire on the Banshees; though the transport ships score massive points, they don’t represent an aerial threat, they’re heavily armored, and the Banshees will quickly swarm you to protect their troops. Just pick off the Banshee flights as they approach — you’ll hit 80K in short order.

A few pointers:

  1. Look out for rooftop Shades as they fire into the sky; if one catches you by surprise, you won’t have much chance to defend or evade.
  2. Keep an eye on your Falcon as well; you can land and call in a fresh one at any time, so no point storming into a dogfight with your chopper already trailing fire.
  3. If the Banshees seem to have better things to do, simply coast toward your current Objective and cut loose on rooftop enemies — you’ll score some points, and enemy aircraft will take notice quickly enough.
  1. dukemeiser says:

    I decided to use this for the challenge:

    Apparently you can commandeer the Mass Driver (or MAC Gun) from Emile on the Pillar of Autumn with some trick jumping. He did it to acquire an Unfrigginbelievable, which I was working on also. I happened to have the checkpoint saved when the new weekly dropped this morning. Loaded it up and took 5 MINUTES to complete this challenge.

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  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for the help. knocked of 7777 cr of the 350k for general 4 to field marshal in 16 minutes

  4. Alexandra says:

    Hey, thanks for the tip im doing it right now but i cant see my score and iv been doing it on heroic for atleast 15ish mins now – how long does it take? Q_Q

    • Alexandra says:

      I see now”Time: 20 to 30 minutes” but i did end up playing 20+mins and i still dont know why it didnt work o.O

  5. Luke says:


    Make sure you have scoring turned on, not gonna work otherwise.

  6. nima says:

    when do i know i should stop and save and quit?

  7. nima says:

    you need to turn scoring on?

  8. Ender Xer0 says:

    Yeah — since it’s a Scoring Challenge it probably requires that you turn on Scoring…at least for yourself, so you’ll know when you hit the mark! Next time a Challenge like this comes up I’ll make sure to mention it, though.

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