Posted: May 16, 2011 in Multiplayer


Single Match



Type: Kills / Spree
Setting: Multiplayer
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 15-45 minutes
Value: ★★★
Reward: 1500

Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a Multiplayer Matchmaking game.

This will be your singlemost engaging Challenge today, and the one you’ll spend the most time completing. Sprees — five-in-a-row medals, all without dying — can sometimes be a bit tricky to come by, often depending not just on your own skill but the skill of your opponents or the skill of your teammates, or both.

How and where you get these Sprees depends entirely on your playstyle. A few things to keep in mind as part of our standard Spree advice:

  • Armor Lock, hate it though you might, will probably become your best friend here, since it’ll prevent a lucky Plasma stick from resetting your Spree counter and generally save your ass in all sorts of tight spots. You know all those douchebags who you hate Armor Locking just as you’re about to score a kill? Well, now that’s you. Do you want the Challenge cRedits, or do you want to be popular? Yeah, thought so.
  • As a general principle, play defensively, since — tricky as this Challenge is — really all you need is 10 kills to register it, so there’s no need to go batshit on the battlefield. Stick with distance headshot weapons that’ll help you score kills from range while keeping you out of danger (yes, Sniper Rifle, we’re talking to you). Ignore the close-quarter Power Weapons like Hammers, Swords and Shotguns unless you’re particularly good at camping; if you are, you’ll get a Spree, and if you’re not, you’ll get a Plasma Grenade stuck to your head.

    Armor Lock: Be The Douchbag.

  • Since this Challenge requires that you score both in a single match, avoid straight Rumble Pit Slayer matches entirely: the low-kill-count threshold makes it difficult to shoehorn two separate runs before a player hits 25 kills — even if you’re the one to do it.
  • Ideally, spend your time in Objective-based Big Team Battle games and especially Invasion, since you’ll only have a timer to contend with rather than a kill-count limit. You’ll also find more enemies to target and a greater likelihood of vehicles, which make Multikills (and thus Sprees) more typical no matter which side of the headlights you’re on.
  • In fact, while it’s true that Reach has nerfed most vehicles into rolling deathtraps, making it likely that you’ll eventually get blown to bits (by gunfire, Armor Lock, a flying traffic cone), they still remain useful for a few essential kills on their way to the scrapyard, especially against other vehicles. Hop in a Wraith or Revenant and play conservatively, waiting for the other team to make its rush; you can score single- or Double-Kills against guys on the ground, Doubles and Triples against other vehicles, and even boost for splatters when the need arises.
  • Objective games, especially on smaller maps, remain great for gathering Sprees: enemies usually converge into clustered hot zones, such as with King Of The Hill or Oddball, making it easier to spam grenades and fire into the crowd; and enemies often become so focused on the Objective that they stop playing defensively, racing in the open toward the Waypoint, and surprised when you ambush them before they get there. (Just don’t go into the Hill, or grab the Oddball yourself: That’s a sure way to get fragged and lose your Spree. You’ll be trading off some points in the game, but the Challenge bonus will more than make up for it.)

    The Sniper Rifle. AKA El Spree-o.

  • NOTE, however: In Objective games, the counter for Sprees doesn’t carry over from Round to Round. Thus, get four kills in each Round of 1-Flag game without dying, and you won’t score any Sprees for the match even though you went 16-0. Contrast this with Invasion, which uses Phases set up separate and apart from Rounds, and in which the counter does in fact carry over from Phase to Phase.
  • If you’ve got a friend — or, even better, a group of friends — you can cooperate to score this Challenge together. Head into Multiteam with partners, or one of the Team Slayer playlists, and designate one player (such as yourself) to score the kills while teammates melee or plasma-burst to set up a headshot. Once the VIP has notched two Sprees, you can rotate to the next player, protecting him as you earn some Assists for your effort.
  • And, as a FINAL POINT: If you’re unlucky enough to have the Host migrate during your match, you current Spree is indeed screwed. When the game restarts, any completed Spree will remain, but your present kill-streak will reset to zero, no matter how close you were before. It can’t be avoided, so just deal with it; and at least you can go get more Sniper ammo now.

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