Check in here for strategies on completing the Daily and Weekly Challenges in Halo: Reach. If it’s your first time, click through the About HRD link above; and add comments below if you’ve got a good idea of your own for tackling the Challenges today.


SCREENSHOT OF THE DAY: rubberducky296

You know those cool shots from action movies where the hero walks in slo-mo toward the camera while a huge explosion goes batshit in the background? Yep, we’re suckers for those too. Screenshot Of The Day this morning courtesy of new friend-of-the-site rubberducky296, who gets props for his cinematic glory. Thanks, Ducky! Everyone, click to enlarge!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t done it already, yo: Send your screenshots to, or just make a file recommendation to us on XBox (Gamertag: Ender Xer0, with a zero), and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember: we’re not looking for plain Forge art or random pix from the Internet; it should be a screenshot of YOU!





Skulls On

Type: Completion
Setting: Campaign
Difficulty: Hard
Time: 90-180 minutes
Value: ★★★★
Reward: 17000

Complete The Package on Legendary with All Skulls On (LASO).




TYPES: Kills, Multikills, Score, Special Enemy
SETTINGS: Firefight
TOTAL TIME: 45-60 minutes


Any Game Mode


Type: Kills
Setting: Any Game Mode
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 5 minutes (Concurrent with other Daily Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1000

Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach.

You’ll score most of these automatically as part of completing your other Daily Challenges today. For leftovers, just head into ONI Sword Base or an anti-Grunt Custom Firefight game (see links at top of the page for both).



Special Enemy


Type: Kills / Special Enemy
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Grind
Time: 20-25 minutes (Concurrent with other Firefight Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1400

Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking.

Firefight Arcade has rendered the Demon Challenges vastly easier, since games now feature entire Waves of Elites and three Rounds worth of them as well. Still, it won’t be that easy to string up 40 mandibles in a single match — particularly with other players hunting for Dino meat as well — so be prepared for their arrival.

The Heretics actually present more of a threat than the Boss-Wave Elites, since they’re way more in number and rock instant-kill weapons like aimbot-controlled Sniper Rifles; a helluva lot more dangerous than some solo Gold Elite with a melee weapon. Look for Arcade playlists with concussive weapons — Grenade Launchers, FRGs, and of course Concussion Rifles — to bounce their sharpshooters around the map; that’ll actually throw off their aim and extend your lifespan amid the headshot crossfire.

Drop Shield will also buy you some extra time — but make sure to use it where you’ve got other cover as well, since it won’t last long under sustained unlimited Sniper and Rocket fire.



Single Match


Type: Multikills
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 minutes (Concurrent with other Firefight Challenges)
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 1000

Earn 7 multikills in a Firefight Matchmaking game.

Despite its name, Killagruntjaro doesn’t actually require you to Jaro anything, though we will be going with Gruntpocalypse in Score Attack to wrap this in one Round rather than three.

It shouldn’t be any problem to Magnum or DMR your way to seven Multikills, since the Grunts go down with one shot, travel in packs, and maneuver with the agility of highway roadside accident. So, if you can’t manage seven out of a single match, you’re just not trying.

Meanwhile, if you’re combining Challenges — such as Dino hunting to pocket Demon — you can also certainly clear this in almost any game of Firefight Arcade. We prefer FRGFight, though smashing the hell out of Covies with Gravity Hammers in a Fistfight gives us a boner too.



Single Match


Type: Score
Setting: Firefight
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15-20 minutes
Value: ★★★★★
Reward: 2000

Score 15,000 points in a Firefight Matchmaking game.

A couple of solid options here: if you’re skilled at headshots, fire up Gruntpocalypse in Score Attack and start making confetti; you should be able to crest 15K if you’re careful about combining your multikills, which net you extra Firefight points.

If that’s too much of a bother, simply load up a standard Co-op Three-Round Firefight, and vote for a match that features vehicles as a “map hazard” (as they’re called in the game settings) — Wraiths, Banshees and even Ghosts will register massive points, far more than the most powerful Covies. Beachhead easily represents your best bet: multiple Wraiths, Ghosts and a Rocket Hog tucked into the corner for when you’ve got a joyride-friendly partner.

The gametype itself won’t make much difference, however; most offer their own advantages, and three Rounds of Covies can deliver enough points no matter how you kill them.

  • Rocket and FRGFight represents your quickest shortcuts to points — especially while Jetpacking, raining plasma/fire from above onto enemy waves. Remember, though, your teammates will do the same thing, so don’t come late to the party. Also don’t get cocky and think your Launcher is a crotch rocket: Many Boss enemies, like Brute Chieftans, can shake off full missiles clips to the face before shoving a Hammer up your ass, so lead or follow with grenades to finish them off before your reload.
  • Sniperfight gives you more opportunity to pick and choose enemies, so concentrate on big-ticket leaders first, even if it means emptying an entire clip to reach your killshot; you’ll still score more points than if you had simply unloaded into a pack of Jackals or Grunts.

    The Target Locator: How to smell napalm in the morning.

  • If you’re lucky enough to snare the Target Locator from the Ordnance Drop, resist the urge to Killionaire a clutch of Covies and instead lock onto a Wraith: it’ll napalm the vehicle — scoring you major points — along with any stray Covies with the misfortune to be nearby. The Locator’s Red Ring Of Death will even follow a vehicle once it’s locked, so be patient and make a clean shot.
  1. Atom says:

    Am I the only one who got all of the dailies today in one game? That was awesome!

  2. Ender Xer0 says:

    I almost got it in one, and ended up getting it in two. (@#$% Elites.) I considered revising the “Time Required” entry afterward, but then just figured that I got lucky.

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