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My name is Ender Xer0, and I approved this message.

Welcome to the Halo Reach Daily site, your one-stop source for essential strategies and intel on the Daily and Weekly Challenges for Halo: Reach. Not sure how to tackle one of the Challenges? Want to know the fastest and/or easiest way to get them done? Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered.

Check back each day after 12 Noon PST for a rundown on each day’s Challenges and how best to push through them. And, if you’ve got a good suggestion, something original that we hadn’t thought of, then by all means post it in that day’s Comments section: If it works, we’ll update the blog when we get the chance and give you credit for your stroke of genius.

A few quick notes on the Challenges overall:

  1. New Challenges appear each day at about 6 a.m. EST/3 a.m. PST. Yeah, it’s early; no, we’re not morning people. But we’ll try to get that day’s update online before 12:01; if for some reason we’re late, cut us some slack, Reach will still get glassed anyway. It shouldn’t happen often, and we’ll get it online as soon as we can.
  2. The Weekly Challenges update Monday morning at the same time as the Daily Challenges. Look for the Weekly intel and strategies as part of that day’s posting.
  3. Like with Achievements, Campaign Challenges — as well as Challenges across “any game mode” — require at least Normal difficulty for them to register. (Hey, we said they’d be easy, not Easy.) Some will require Heroic or Legendary difficulty, and we’ll flag those for you when they come up.
  4. Some of the Challenges may glitch, or don’t entirely spell out the requirements in a way that wastes your time and effort, or — as has been the case at least once — are actually impossible to achieve under the physics of the known universe. The folks at Bungie aren’t perfect either, and when they’re not, we’ll be happy to point it out. Usually they fix such things pretty quickly, and we’ll do a quick update to let you know when that happens too.
  5. Questions? Feedback? Winning lottery numbers? We’re all ears. Send us some emails at haloreachdaily@live.com.
  1. ODST Alpha says:

    @ #4: Like Bulletproof: Survive 3 Rounds in a single game.


    (Who’da thunk it was a hint that they’d be adding two more rounds for a complete set later on!?)

  2. TheGreenAlloy says:

    Thanks from the vast trolling and rare intelligence from the Halo Reach forums over at b.net

  3. Hal says:

    i have never seen a reach website so well put together as this one! thanks again

  4. LunarVixenFX says:


  5. Alex says:

    hey i was just looking at your site and it helped me out on a few things thank you. your site just became a fav.

  6. I must say, thank you VERY much for this helpful site.

    But, I was just wondering, if you could give YOUR sort of tactics / strategy for multiplayer.


  7. xxxablindkidxxx says:

    what would you consider the fastest consistent way to rank up?

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