Grunt Game Settings

There's a party in their skulls, and you're invited.

Want to stockpile some quick kills without exploiting ONI Sword Base? The Custom Games option is calling to you.

  1. Simply open up a Custom Firefight game on Corvette.
  2. Set a Custom Skull to Invulnerable. Also turn on Grunt Birthday Party. C’mon, dude, you know you want to.
  3. Make your starting weapon a Fuel Rod Gun with a Bottomless Clip.
  4. Turn all of the enemies Grunts.
  5. If you’re really impatient — and who isn’t? — turn off the Dropships too, so you don’t have to wait for them.
  6. Start the game, and fire away.

Here’s a link to a Custom Game, already set up exactly for this purpose:


If you’ve got a bit more time, go deeper into the settings and change the enemies to ones that are more powerful — say, for example, Brute Chieftans — and at the same time reduce their ability to withstand damage. It’ll take slightly longer to rack up the kills, but you’ll rack up more credits while doing so as part of getting the Challenge bonus.

  1. V Translanka says:

    I can never do stuff like this. Every so often I’ll hit up a Gruntpocolypse in Score Attack, but I can never bring myself to use these ‘expoilts’. I think they’re just too close to cheat codes and would just end up making me feel dirty…I already hate that I have a stupid boosted Second Gunman medal sitting in my profile…IT TAUNTS ME…!!!

  2. FoxmanFX says:

    These setting are good, but if you are looking for a quick “Kill [X] Enemies in any game mode of reach.” I have a few tweaks for you. This is also good for getting the achievements [A Spoonful Of Blamite], [Score Attack], [Firestarter], [Blaze Of Glory], [Heat In The Pipe] and [Game, Set, Match].

    My wife christened this “Gruntillionaire”

    1. Open up a Custom Firefight game on Corvette.

    2. Set a Custom Skull to Invulnerable.

    3. Make your starting weapon a Fuel Rod Gun and Needler with a Bottomless Clip.

    4. Turn off the Dropships too, so you don’t have to wait for them.

    5. Turn on 300% Damage

    6. Set enemies luck to ‘Born under a Bad Moon’

    7. Set Bonus Round to 2 minutes (longest possible)

    7a. Turn all of the enemies into Grunts.

    7b. If you want to get to the bonus round as quickly as possible (because infinite Grunts is the big money maker!) set all Waves to Hunters and the Bonus round to Grunts. You’ll rack up the kills VERY quickly that way.

    8. Start the game, and fire away!

    When going for points (not kills), start on legendary and turn all enemies into elite generals.

  3. hopeasd says:

    for some reason when i do this it gives me loadouts and puts me onto the grunts team. HELP PLEASE

    • Ender Xer0 says:

      You’re probably loading it up while you’re on the “Blue” Team. Make sure you’re on the “Red” Team (cycle through the colors with your bumper buttons) to play the Spartans.

      Hope that helps!

  4. ThatMikeGuy says:

    Fuck boosting. I will never boost. Takes the fun away, you know?

    • Ender Xer0 says:

      I’m loathe to say it, but there’s just no other way: Bungie WANTS you to boost for some of these things. An achievement requiring 1 million points in Firefight? Yeah, there’s simply no other way to humanly do it, other than boosting.

      I’m not a fan of it, but I don’t judge people who do it. I just wish for some people it wasn’t their first choice.

      • DB says:

        Well said Ender Xer0, and like ThatMikeGuy I don’t like boosting/cheating much, but like you for me it’s more the ones who take it as the first choice, then complain that Bungie makes it too easy to do challenges, and complain that Bungie doesn’t make the challenges worth enough to do it. Classic example is this weekly challenge. One wag was complaining on B-net that “10,000 cR wasn’t worth it, but since he could exploit it in a few minutes he’d do it, but why doesn’t Bungie make them more challenging.” or words to that effect. I wanted to scream at and strangle them.

        Yeah, I have a single challenge completion (complete level without dying) mocking me due to the Midnight Run exploit and being short on time, but I had to try it to see if it worked hehe. I then went and did it legit when I had more time, and it was much more fun and satisfying. The first time felt cheap. So far I think the rest of my play is legit, I just play for fun and the challenge of doing it legit, but I’ll probably have to do the Grunty deal for the Million eventually.

        heh, got long winded there 😉

  5. LunarVixenFX says:

    As the christen-er of Gruntillionaire… I see and accept both sides to this “boosting” issue. While I play because I love the game, I rarely get to play simply because I want to, when I want to. We have 3 children and sometimes.. the only way to get some of these challenges is to boost them, especially when the weekly is a Dedication Time, and we get 2 to 3 hrs no more than 5 nights in a week (keep in mind it usually takes me twice the time it takes my husband.. hey, I play for the love of the game, not because I’m some elite gamer *smirk*). With limited time to enjoy my favourite video game, some hard choices have to be made. And when it isn’t Dedication Time, it’s usually a need for Catharsis after some of the non-boostable challenges…

  6. BadassVin JAD says:

    If you ask me boosting is getting thrown around wayyyy to much! I f someone finds an easier way to do something or a way around getting it done faster i really don’t think it’s boosting like skipping certain parts while doing a slaso or laso challenge.. I f you found out how then good for you i don’t consider that boosting at all. The only i think should really be called boosting if your unfairly getting credits doing a glitch of some kind like boosting the commendation walking tank with the check point glitch on sword base, or the demon commendation using the Winter Contingency glitch at the end of the level or pulling your Ethernet cord right after you complete a challenge so you can do it over and over and over. That’s what i call unfairly boosting Cr. But if you are having fun in Firefight with some crazy settings and being invincible while racking up killionaire after killionaire and rack up 1mil in 15mins, i say Badass! Cause tbh those settings are there to use them so use them and have fun i personally love blasting the shit out of hunters all day long with a bottomless clip fuel rod. We all have our opinions thats just how i view it and to me it make the most sense. If the game lets you do it without doing some glitch or exploit i say it’s fair game and your only using the game how it was made.

    • Ender Xer0 says:

      Nicely put, Vin. Remember, Bungie INTENDS you to fiddle with the Custom Games Settings to create these God-mode game settings; that’s WHY it created an Achievement that could only be accomplished with them.

      It’s using the Achievements to introduce you to different areas of the game, much like the Tank Dropper Achievement from Halo 3 (to encourage you to use Forge) or that simpleminded File Share Achievement for Reach (to introduce you to the Theater and File Share elements of the game).

      Personally, I’m not crazy about games that use their Achievements this way — I’d rather my cheev’s be about actually *achieving* something — but at least they’re better than those bizarro “get a triple kill with a sentinel beam while standing on one leg” Achievements that we saw in H3.

      So, yeah: NOT boosting. All IMHO, of course.

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