Finish The Firefight

Did Jun survive? His Sniper says: Yes!

Yeah, it sounds badass — because, well, it is badass — but remember that Emil didn’t make it through to the end. If you want to go all Spartan on your enemies in a Firefight, you can take them out in a blaze of glory that includes your own hurtling corpse. But if you want to survive to the end without dying — as many Challenges require that you do — then, as the Spartan saying goes, you’re going to have to fight in the shade.

  1. To complete a Firefight with zero deaths, your best bet is to look for a Sniperfight, either on Waterfront (preferable), Overlook (OK) or Outpost (still OK). The Sniper Rifle lets you pick off enemies at range, and you can even snipe them while they’re still in the dropship’s bay.
  2. Sniping into the crowd as they land will likewise thin the herd, since each bullet can actually score two kills thanks to its unusually high velocity. Your Sniper can also take out the dropship’s guns with twin shots — a precaution that can prove essential to your survival as you unload into the crowd below — and you can pick them off first as the ship approaches, before the bay doors even open.
  3. Waterfront offers one of the best sniping spots in all of Firefight: On the cliff, across the field, at the edge of the map. You won’t have the entire battlefield in your line of fire, but you’ll get an absurd amount of easy, open shots on the enemy. And, if they start to drift too close to your position, you’ll see them coming with enough time to go grab a sandwich and chips long before they arrive.
    1. Just make sure to scope out regularly and scan the area for advancing Covies. If you do get rushed, drop off the low cliff down to the field below; then circle around the rise, and take the enemy from behind. Job done.
    2. Also, most importantly, watch out for the Jackals on the high cliff above to your left, who’ll announce themselves with Focus Rifles, and represent your biggest threat. They’re not actually part of the Waves that make up the Round (they’re technically “map hazards”, like Wraiths), so you’re not required to dispatch them to finish the match, but you’ll want to.
    3. As soon the Jackal fires — even if it’s not on you, since that’s only a matter of time — throw down a Drop Shield. Take careful aim through the geodesic force field, then edge forward and fire as soon as you clear the perimeter. When the Jackal drops, make a quick recon of your immediate area for enemies who may have crept up while you were distracted. Once you’re certain it’s all-clear, it’s back to business.
  4. On Overlook, spend the match’s opening moments making a straight shot for the far side of the battleground, across the river from where you first spawn.
    1. There’s plenty of cover there, and enemies overwhelmingly tend to drift away from you, drawn by the lure of the base.
    2. If one does notice you — and eventually they will — fade back into the Soft Kill Zone and use the added distance to your advantage before the timer runs out.
    3. Take cover and crouch inside a Drop Shield if your position gets too hot, since there’s a chance the Covies will lose interest before they force you into close-quarters combat.
  5. On Outpost, take position atop one of the big guns. Some prefer the Wrecked Gun, some the Active Gun, but it’s really your call.
    1. The perch lets you scope almost the entire map, and Covies need to ascend the base’s circular interior ramp to reach your position. Again, scope out regularly to zero any enemy who has (quite literally) slid under your radar.
    2. Use the geometry of the gun’s upper deck to take cover from enemy fire, and throw down a Drop Shield if the situation gets tight. If you do get ambushed by a sly enemy who makes it atop the gun, drop down to the ground for a quick escape — but, unlike Waterfront, you’ll be an open target for nearby enemies, so you’ll need a Drop Shield to protect you as you maneuver back into the base. Also note that the area directly behind the base is a Soft Kill Zone, so don’t linger.
  6. One huge advantage in a multiplayer Sniperfights: unlimited ammo. Because of the way Halo game settings work, that means ANY weapon on the map, not just your Sniper. So, once you’ve taken out a Grunt with a Fuel Rod Gun or an Elite with a Concussion Rifle, you can make a play for the weapon, then spend the rest of the match raining plasma down on enemies without ever scoping your Sniper again. (It’ll also end the match faster, which can only help when survival is your goal.)
  7. Just be certain you make a wise tactical decision before going after it — wait for the slack between Waves, and know where you’re going ahead of time, rather than wandering the field in a blind weapon search.
  8. And, a final note: Though it’s tempting to do so, don’t vote for Rocketfight. The matches may end more quickly, but it’s just too damn easy to blow yourself up. If an enemy manages to rush you, your options become limited to a sidearm or a suicide bomb. Martyrdom may be favored by Allah, but the Daily Challenges are not so forgiving.
  1. NotusedGamertag says:

    another way to do this,

    I did it 2x Score attack on waterfront with the shotgun class….thing

    Drive the warthog up to the very top and park on the stairwell in front of the ammo so they cant walk up there. In theory you can sit up there till the time runs out, but if you want to actually play, you can hit them with your pistol for range, going down every now and again for ammo. you use the shotgun for one you go down there, or for when the skirmshers show up, as they are the only ones who can REACH you

  2. Great read, thanks for the info. Will have to keep that in mind for future challenges.

  3. clutch1965 says:

    Sniperfight on Glacier. Dead center of building, jump up center rails then jetpack to
    the top. The warning return to battlefield will flash, but the top platform is safe once
    you have landed. This spot is sniper heaven and keeps you removed from battlefield.

    • V Translanka says:

      The only mild problem with this spot is that occasionally enemies will get stuck or just not move out of areas in the back behind rocks where you can’t get to…a decent counter most of the time though is to simply jetpack upward for the dropshot though…but even if you have to hoof it over to them (and it can be a bit of a trek) you should still be able to get to bonus rounds….

  4. Darth Malber says:

    I find Gruntpoc score attack on Corvette with the armor lock loadout as the easiest way to accomplish a firefight without dying. The grunts are just not that much of a threat, except for the FRG grunts, but it’s easy to hide out in the safe room when they get near.

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