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Heya Everyone! Thanks for your patience throughout the day, because NOW… we can finally announce the winners of our first-ever Daily Challenge Special: Defending Santa’s Workshop on Christmas!

Santa has honored Bungie’s favorite number by rewarding seven Spartans with special Christmas gifts, listed below. (Though Santa doesn’t know about such things, they’re all approximately the same value, yeah?) Winners have been selected at random from players who successfully completed the Challenge, and are listed alphabetically. Prizes were likewise randomly assigned to winners.

The winners are:

Cupcake Of DOOM:
XBox Live 3 month Gold Membership
Disciple N2k:
1600 Microsoft Points
XBox Live 3 month Gold Membership
Molten Slowa:
1600 Microsoft Points
1600 Microsoft Points
BradyGames Halo: Reach Guide, hardcover Legendary Edition
uhh oh oreo:
BradyGames Halo: Reach Guide, hardcover Legendary Edition

And, as announced, an extra-special bonus gift goes to the first Spartan who completed the Challenge with the most confetti thrown. That Spartan, with an Amazing, 120-headshot Perfect-Score game, is:

XBox Live 12 month Gold Membership

Ho ho ho! Merry, um, post-Christmas!

Congrats, Saiyan! That’ll cover you all the way through next Christmas!

All gifts will be shipped during the first week of the New Year. Thanks once again to everyone for playing; we couldn’t possibly list all the players who submitted entries here, but we’ll reveal this was a test-run for something we have slated to launch Jan. 1 — and, even if you didn’t receive a special gift, your courage under fire has not gone unnoticed. Credit for it will carry over, so if you like you can start this new feature already ahead of the game.

(No, we can’t announce what this feature is yet, but expect official word sometime this week. It’s incredibly cool, you’re gonna like it a lot.)

Before we go, however, we decided that a few additional Spartans deserved special recognition for their efforts. Though it comes with no gift other than pride in accomplishment (which is its own gift, yeah?), we now list our staff-selected….


wraps52, who wrapped the Challenge with a near-perfect 119 headshots

MaDmOsChE, who, in addition to receiving a gift above, likewise score 119 shots of confetti, and

swooshdave, who not only scored a hilarious Killtastrophe, but was cool enough to record a clip of it for us. So, we’ll roll credits on the awards ceremony over a video of the accomplishment, complete with upcoming-holiday fireworks.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone!

–Ender Xer0

* * *